“It’s Very Easy to Recommend You Guys”: Attorney John Lewis’ Success Story

Attorney John Lewis is a general practitioner and Managing Member of Hults, Helder, and Lewis in Big Rapids, MI. Since 2012, John has largely overseen the firm’s digital marketing efforts to help carry the legacy of the practice that has been successfully operating since 1974.

Before John made the switch to LawLytics, he felt his old marketing provider made a “mess” of his firm’s digital marketing by adding on a lot of additional services that were ineffective, unnecessary, and ultimately very pricey. It wasn’t until 2020 when John began to reevaluate his costs, which had “skyrocketed” with his previous marketing provider, that he decided a change was necessary.

Finding LawLytics

“I saw that [LawLytics] had a turnkey product with help in the transition.”

John did a lot of research before making the switch to LawLytics three years ago. Because John was transitioning from a web provider that afforded him little transparency behind the management of his online presence, he was in pursuit of more control over his website. For one, he needed to know exactly what efforts were being made to better his online visibility. He reports that his old web provider was “not doing what they said they were doing,” a symptom of the closed-door approach many marketing agencies tend to adopt toward their clients.

After getting burned by his previous website provider, John knew he had to make his next move strategically in order to preserve the current web presence of his decades-old law practice. When he finally found LawLytics, he immediately noticed the difference in our approach to digital marketing for lawyers. 

Taking Back Control with LawLytics

“[LawLytics] does what it needs to do.”

With LawLytics, John saw the benefit of transparency and control when it comes to managing his digital marketing. After reviewing website solutions that ranged from those with no help or support to those that operate without any client input or transparency, John discovered that “[LawLytics] had the middle ground approach, and that I could have as much assistance as I needed.”

John now enjoys the new-found control he has over his website, but he also knows that he isn’t alone with LawLytics. Whether it’s adding or deleting content, John said he now “can self-manage all of that.” But, if he ever needs a hand from our world-class team of support experts, John said, “I know that you are there if I need to get something fixed.”

John’s Recommendation

“LawLytics is so easy that even lawyers can teach other lawyers how to use it.”

When it comes to a web solution for his practice, John reports that “the number one thing is the value.” For John, LawLytics has been very easy to use and he is confident that his colleagues would feel the same way. And, he encourages colleagues to not fear the transition period of switching over – John reported no lull in his web traffic, but instead, says there was an increase in traffic after coming to LawLytics. 

John especially recommends LawLytics for attorneys who are just starting to build their online presence. For John’s brother, in particular, increasing his visibility online was a bit more intimidating for his brand-new practice. That’s when John recommended LawLytics, telling his brother “because he’s starting out new, that [LawLytics] would be very affordable, easy to work with, and your team would help him get where he needed to be.”

Are You Ready for a Better Website Solution?

If you’re like John, and looking for more transparency, control, and value from your website provider, LawLytics has the solution. With added value such as on-demand design refreshes, built-in practice area content generation, and free setup assistance for your Google Business Profile listing, LawLytics is the leading web solution for solos and small law firms. 

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