“LawLytics is really good for the solo and small practitioner”: Attorney Frank Spector’s LawLytics Story

Attorney Frank Spector, owner of Frank Spector Law, LLC, has been a medical malpractice and birth injury lawyer for over 30 years. For most of his career, he was in partnership with another attorney. Upon making the transition to a solo practitioner, Frank knew one thing for certain: He needed a powerful law firm website, and fast.

Although Frank knew he had little time to waste when it came to building his new website, he wanted to consider all his options for web marketing before committing. However, as he researched his options, Frank tells us he “kept coming back to LawLytics” as his top pick. In the end, he chose to join LawLytics due to the speed of the build “from scratch” and the “easy access to adding content” our platform offers.

Grow Your Online Presence

“One page that gets a lot of traction is the ‘contact us’ page.”

Your law firm’s website is one of the most powerful driving factors to grow your business online. Frank Spector understands this and has used LawLytics intuitive tech to craft a Contact page on his website that works to drive web traffic and convert more clients. Frank reports that his Contact page is one that “gets a lot of traction” compared to his old website. He attributes the traffic to an ability to “easily upload videos,” including one he uploaded that educates potential clients on what they can expect when they hire him as their attorney.

The video has been so effective for his website that he has even “had clients tell [him] that they watched the video and it was very helpful.” For these clients, Frank’s video “demystified what the experience would look like before they picked up the phone,” which helps make clients feel comfortable with their decision to hire Frank. 

Ultimately, with LawLytics built-in tools and infrastructure making it a quick and painless process to add videos to his website, Frank has been able to boost conversion power to grow his solo law practice.

Get Up and Running in Just Two Weeks

“Number one: The speed at which the website could be created.”

After building his website using the LawLytics platform, Frank was impressed with the efforts of the setup and support teams to get him up and running as quickly as possible. Frank tells us he “found the support team was excellent,” and his website “was delivered way before” he thought it would be.

Because Frank was transitioning to a solo practice after partnering with another attorney for over 20 years, he needed a website solution as quickly as possible so the flow of his law practice would not be interrupted. He found the LawLytics platform to be “very flexible” to his requests. Involved in decision-making throughout the build of his new law firm website, Frank said he enjoyed the overall website setup process.

At the start of the build, Frank settled on a color scheme but later changed his mind. Due to past experience with other web builders, he worried it would cause a delay if he spoke up. Frank reflects that with previous website designers, “Everything was a big deal.” He quickly realized, however, that any changes he requested – from color schemes to new integrations – were never treated as a big deal at LawLytics. In fact, at LawLytics, Frank notes that edits were made “within an hour of when [he] requested” them. 

Intuitive Technology Built for Attorneys

“The ability to add content right away when I wanted, how I wanted [is] the best thing for me.”

One thing Frank has in common with most attorneys who join LawLytics is that he needed a platform that was user-friendly and intuitive. While Frank is tech-savvy, he doesn’t have time to learn website coding or overly technical web management skills while also running his business. Fortunately, LawLytics offers him the flexibility to manage his web presence completely on his own or with the support of our on-call team. In particular, he enjoys the 24/7 access he has to his LawLytics website, offering him the freedom to make changes when he wants, how he wants. 

For Frank, who was starting a new law firm website from scratch when he joined LawLytics, having “lots of quality content” was the primary focus. He understood that when attorneys are faced with excessive roadblocks in creating content for their websites, it’s likely this vital marketing practice will be neglected, noting that “if you can’t do it yourself…you’re not going to do it.” However, this was a non-issue for Frank when building his LawLytics website, telling us “LawLytics allows [him] to create lots of content” on nearly a daily basis. 

Unparalleled Support

“You’re not alone.”

For any attorney who is building a new law firm website, the process can be overwhelming. If you’re similar to Frank, who is starting on a new journey as a solo practitioner, you can rest assured that you have a team of LawLytics support experts on call to help. Frank was particularly impressed with the individual attention he has received from our team, reporting that our team is “very knowledgeable and answers all of your questions.” In addition, Frank tells us that he hasn’t yet found a problem “that can’t be solved” by our team. 

Take Frank’s Word for It

“LawLytics is really good for the solo and small practitioner.”

As an attorney who has been practicing for over 30 years, Frank knows what he needs from his law firm website – and what he doesn’t. After weighing all his options, Frank chose LawLytics for our intuitive technology, superior support, and ongoing education resources and recommends LawLytics to “anyone who wants an easily usable website” for their law practice. 

If you’re ready for an effective, attorney-specific website solution that puts you in control, it’s time to make the switch to LawLytics. Take Frank’s word for it: “LawLytics is really good for the solo and small practitioner…because your website is such a big part of your practice now more than ever.” 

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