LawLytics + Clio Integration

Clio and LawLytics integrate seamlessly. The one-two punch of these best-in-class legal platforms makes growing and managing law firms easy. Enjoy a fully integrated, easy-to-use, cloud-based law practice.

Fully Integrated Client Journey

Integrate your law firm’s website and practice management platforms.

The combination of Clio and LawLytics results in powerful legal tech infrastructure. 


The most powerful and easiest-to-use cloud-based law firm management software.

LawLytics + Clio

Attract more clients and easily manage their matters and your practice.


The leading all-in-one cloud-based website platform for lawyers.

Your Benefit

The law firm technology combination scales to meet all your firm’s goals.

What Is LawLytics?

LawLytics is the website platform for lawyers who want a successful website without paying agency or struggling with general purpose website software.

The best software for modern lawyers

Build predictability into your law practice.

Firms that have both LawLytics and Clio use the integration to send potential new clients’ information from LawLytics to Clio. Once that handoff is done, then the client or lead is managed in Clio going forward.

Optimal client experience

Your success depends on the experiences your clients have with your firm.

Your clients expect quick and easy access to information about your practice and their matters. LawLytics empowers you curate what they experience about your firm on the internet. Clio empowers you to efficiently deliver on the promises you make on your website.

Clio + LawLytics = Clients That Advocate for You

Your clients expect a consistent experience. LawLytics and Clio work in concert to turn consistency into business growth.

The client information path is not a one-way street. Your clients typically visit your website before retaining you. They also read online reviews. When you do a great job for them, your clients will be more likely to conclude their experience by becoming online promoters of your practice.

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