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DUI Attorney Marketing Webinars

Start Your DUI/DWI Marketing

This webinar will provide you with all the information and tools you need to begin effectively marketing your practice online without wasting time or money.


Grow Your DUI/DWI Marketing

Join us to gain the knowledge and tools to go from just having a website, to having a well-established, sustainable and lucrative web presence.


Build a Dominant DUI Firm Online

Ready to go from great to unstoppable? If you’re a DUI defense attorney who already receives a substantial amount of business from your web presence, this webinar is for you.


Creating Compelling Content For Your DUI Law Firm Website

This practice area-specific webinar will give you the information and guidance you need to effectively market your DUI law firm online with compelling content.


LawLytics Services For DUI Lawyers

LawLytics is built to help DUI lawyers thrive through every stage of their law firm’s business life-cycle. Whether you are just starting your own practice, just getting on the web for the first time, ready to break free from a marketing company that is not delivering a great ROI, or ready to grow your law firm’s website into a market-dominating presence, we have you covered. LawLytics Membership starts at $200 per month. It includes a fully functional law firm website with a built-in blog, and all of the tools that you need to build a thriving web presence.

design-iconState-Of-The-Art Websites

LawLytics is the easiest way to get your new website up and running or to take your existing website or blog to the next level.

Website Options

content-iconHigh-Quality Content

Writing your own content with LawLytics is easy, and so is delegating the writing to our professional writing team.

Content Options

reputation-iconReputation Management

Use the LawLytics Reputation Management Add-On (powered by BirdEye) to get and curate directory reviews.

Reputation Options


DUI Law Firm Website Options Using LawLytics

New LawLytics Members typically follow one of the scenarios described below. If your scenario differs, we can help you figure out an optimal starting strategy.

Your First Law Firm Website: We work with lawyers who are just starting their practices, or just starting a website, to help them easily transition into a productive online presence.

Adding An Additional Site: We work with lawyers who want to add a LawLytics site while they continue to work with another provider (usually because they are locked into a contract with that provider, or because they want to diversify their online presence).

Moving A Site Or Blog From Another Provider: We work with lawyers who want to transition to LawLytics from other platforms and providers. We do all of the work for you, including importing all of your pages, blog posts and content in a search engine friendly way. Your old site remains active in transition and there is no downtime or loss of traffic when we launch it.

Moving Or Consolidating Multiple Sites: We work with lawyers who want to move multiple sites over to LawLytics. We can consolidate the sites for you or keep them separate but available for your to easily control from one control panel.

Regardless of the option you choose, LawLytics Membership is $200 per month, with a one-time setup fee of $1,200 that covers building and styling your website. A nominal import fee may apply depending on the size of the website to be imported and does not apply to sites with 50 pages or fewer.


DUI Practice Content Options Using LawLytics

Content is the foundation of your online success as a DUI lawyer. It’s necessary to avoid a spending treadmill of ever-increasing expenses. As a LawLytics Member, you have complete flexibility as to how the necessary content is added to your law firm’s website and blog. Your options are:

  1. We show you what to write, and you write your own content with our easy-to-use website system; or
  2. Our professional content writers create a DUI content plan and write all of the content for you; or
  3. You empower a third party such as a law clerk, associate or freelancer to write content for you;
  4. Any combination of the above three options.

Option 1 – Writing Your Own Content: As a LawLytics Member, you always have access to our educational materials and staff when you are creating your own content. Our software is built for lawyers, and we have successful DUI lawyers across the country using it successfully every day. There’s no previous experience needed. It’s easy to learn and easy to do. And when you start seeing new cases and new cash starting to flow into your practice, your efforts even become rewarding and fun.

Option 2 – Our Pros Write It For You: If don’t like writing, or if you ever get too busy to write your own content, it’s seamless and simple to hand the writing duties off to us. Our attorney-managed writing department is highly experienced in creating impaired driving content that not only makes our attorneys look great, but that is highly effective. We know how your potential clients think and know how to write in a way that not only educates them, but inspires them to take action.

Option 3 – A Third Party Writes For You: LawLytics makes it easy to empower any person or company of your choosing to create and publish content for your law firm’s website. Our user access controls allow you to limit their access so they can write for you without seeing your potential client inquiries or having the ability to cause any damage to your web presence. This is ideal if you have associates or law clerks who have extra time that you want to leverage towards your marketing.

Option 4 – Any Combination Of The Above: Let’s say you start writing and then get called into a trial. You can hand content duties off to us and resume writing again yourself whenever you have time. Let’s say you want to build a market-dominating DUI website with a thousand pages and you want to do some, but not all of the work. We can efficiently divide up the duties and work with you and/or any other person or company you choose.

At LawLytics, we’re here to help you grow your DUI practice and marketing content library without wasting time or money. Our flexible system makes us the right match for every stage of growth of your impaired driving practice.


Reputation Management Add-On

It’s difficult for your potential DUI/ DWI clients to ask friends for recommendations. So your potential clients turn to online reviews to help them determine whether you are a good lawyer. As a LawLytics member, you’ll be able to easily add case results and recommendations directly to your law firm’s website using the included case results and reviews features.

With the optional LawLytics Reputation Management Add-On, you’ll be able to enhance and/or monitor your reputation as a great DUI lawyer across the whole internet on sites including Google+, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp, Avvo, BBB, YP, Citysearch, Yahoo! Local, and Martindale.

In partnership with BirdEye, our reputation management system will:

Curate Your Reviews: Automatically gather your client reviews from all major sites into one place for maximum impact, and display only the reviews you want or that meet quality criteria.

Get New Reviews: Easily get new reviews by sending automated requests and by checking your clients in when you meet them at your office or in court. The system can direct your clients to leave reviews on sites like Yelp, Avvo and Google that matter the most to your firm.

Auto-post your best reviews: The system can automatically post your best client reviews to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

The Reputation Management Add-On is available to LawLytics members on a monthly basis without additional setup fee or contract for $100 per office location per month, and available to non-LawLytics members for $200 per office location per month (1-year pre-payment required for non-members).