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Get a high-performance DUI defense website that you own and can easily publish to and edit yourself. LawLytics powers the DUI/DWI sites that dominate in the most challenging markets, and can help you go from zero to well established, or from established to dominate without asking you to take risks or spend a fortune.

Our Software Makes It Easy

The LawLytics software makes it easy to build and maintain a website that causes local impaired driving clients to find, like and hire your law firm. It’s easy to learn, and requires no previous technology or marketing experience.

Your Strategic Advantage

As a LawLytics member you’ll be guided by a team that has a reliable track record for helping lawyers create successful impaired driving practices using the internet. You’ll get unlimited strategic guidance so you can grow your revenue, spend significantly less, and get better results.

DUI-Specific Support

You’ll receive professional, DUI-specific support from our US based team that spends 100% of their time helping lawyers. We’ll be here when you need us, so you can be as independent or as supported as you choose as you grow your impaired driving practice.

Attract Better Clients

Beat your local competition for impaired driving cases by outsmarting them, rather than outspending them. With LawLytics, you’ll spend less acquiring qualified clients that can afford your fees and want to hire private counsel.

Amplify Your Reach

If your reputation is already great offline, LawLytics will help your online persona catch up so you don’t lose clients to lesser lawyers. And if you’re just getting establishing, LawLytics can help you get more clients, and more opportunities to earn a reputation that will serve you well for the remainder of your time in practice.

Capture Your Market

DUI/DWI lawyers thrive when they capture local searches efficiently. LawLytics will help you understand the best strategies for your market, and provide you with all of the tools and support you need to grow in any local market you choose.

DUI / DWI Attorneys Thrive with LawLytics

Reliable Track Record

Attorney Dan Jaffe built successful impaired driving defense practices in Seattle and Phoenix between 1999 and 2010, and during that time tried over 100 cases to verdict. He then founded a nationwide impaired driving defense information website that helped attorneys in nearly every state grow their practices. After that company was acquired by a major internet company, he co-founded LawLytics in 2011. Today, LawLytics powers many of the best-performing impaired driving defense attorney websites in the United States.

Our Story

LawLytics was founded by an attorney who wanted to give lawyers a predictable way to grow their revenue and profits.

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Our Stance

LawLytics is for attorneys who want to grow their online marketing without compromising or giving away their power.

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Our Promise

Our team of lawyers, technologists, and legal marketing experts is committed to helping you grow your firm.

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Our Team

Meet our team of dedicated professionals here to help small law firm owners grow their firms without wasting time or money.

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Enhance Your DUI Marketing with Optional Add-Ons

Membership gives you access to add-ons which you can add or remove on the fly, so you’ll never overpay.

Reputation Management

Monitor your reviews across the internet. Curate and display your best ones.

Listings Management

We’ll establish or fix (and then regularly update) your directory listings across the web.

Professional Content

We’ll write compelling, legally accurate content for your website, blog, or newsletters.

Additional Websites

Membership includes one website and you can easily add as many sites as you need.

DUI Attorney Marketing Webinars and Blog Posts

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