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What You Get

Everything you need to have a successful law firm website is included.

  • A turn-key law firm website
  • Powered by the LawLytics platform
  • Launched in as little as two weeks
  • White-glove setup
  • You own your site, content, and domain
  • Unlimited website design refreshes
  • Best-in-class legal-only web hosting
  • Fast, mobile compatible, and secure
  • Built-in SEO
  • Unlimited bandwidth with no throttles
  • Ghostwriter permissions
  • Case results manager
  • Built-in Legal Content Generator
  • Reviews manager
  • Office locations manager
  • Attorney bios manager
  • Unlimited pages and blog posts
  • Unlimited custom lead and intake forms
  • Unlimited users and attorney bios
  • Automatic video encoding
  • Image library and editor
  • Add unlimited pictures and videos
  • Unlimited support and strategic guidance
  • Exclusive mastermind webinars

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I own my website?
Yes. You’ll own your website and your domain.
Is website content included?
Yes. LawLytics includes an exclusive legal content generator so you can easily create and publish search-friendly, legally accurate, ethics-compliant pages in minutes.
Will I have a say in the design?
Yes. You’ll be able to pick your layout, your colors, fonts and images. We’ll advise you about what will work best to match the unique personality and goals of your firm.
Do I need a logo for my website?
It is best-practice to have logo on your website. If you have one that you love, you can use it (and we’ll make it look great on your site). If you don’t have one, we will create one for you during the setup process at no additional charge. 
Can I change my website design?
Yes. Just let us know whenever you want to change your styles, and we’ll do it for you at no additional charge for as long as you’re with LawLytics.
Will you help me with my marketing?
Yes. You’ll get unlimited support, strategy, training and design assistance from your dedicated team of legal website experts.
How do you define a “site” for the plans shown above?

We define a “site or “website” as all of the content hosted on a distinct domain name. For example, “www.yourlawfirmswebsite.com” is a distinct domain name. With LawLytics “Single Site Plan” you can add unlimited pages and content to one distinct domain name. If you want to use a second distinct domain name, for example “www.yourotherwebsite.com”, then you would the “2 site plan” which would enable you to add unlimited pages and content to both domains. Same idea for firms that want 3 or more websites. When you have more than one website with LawLytics, the system automatically helps you coordinate common information about your firm across all of your sites.

Do I need more than one website?

Most solos and small firms only need one website and each LawLytics website is infinitely expandable. If you currently don’t have a website, or if you have a single website that you want to improve, we recommend that you select the single site plan (you can always add additional sites later). Learn more about when law firms benefit from multiple websites. If you’d like our advice on whether you should start with more than one site before signing up, schedule a demo and be sure to let the representative know you’d like to discuss multiple sites.

Can I change website domain names?
Yes. With LawLytics its easy to change your domain name and keep the same website content. The most common reasons for doing this is when firm ownership changes, or a partner leaves and their name was in the domain name, or when the firm expands into a new practice area and their old domain name was practice-area-specific. We are experts at advising law firms on if, when and how to change domain names, and we do it for law firms that need it in a way that carefully preserves the efficacy of the website.
Will LawLytics host my website?
Yes. We’ll host your website for you on our state-of-the-art legal-only platform.
How does setup work?
After you sign up (use the buttons above to select your plan) we’ll do all of the work to get your site designed, populate it with content relevant to your practice and potential clients, and get your website launched. If this is your first website, we’ll get you up for online success, and if you already have a website you’re bringing to LawLytics, we’ll do all of the work to move it for you and then work with you to improve it and make sure you reach your website goals.
How long are the contracts?
You can choose either an annual or month-to-month agreement. Agreements automatically renew by default if not cancelled prior to renewal.
How do payments work?
During the signup process you’ll be asked to provide a credit or debit card. Our system will automatically charge the card on file at each monthly or annual renewal period, depending on your plan. To discontinue future payments, simply let us know that you want to discontinue and you won’t be billed again.
How do I cancel?
Just let us know that you want to terminate your LawLytics account.
Can I move my existing website to LawLytics?

Yes. We’re experts at migrating attorney websites from all other platforms. We do all of the work for you, and guarantee no downtime and no loss of content or indexed pages.

How does migration from other hosts or platforms to LawLytics work?

Once you sign up using the buttons above, we’ll start the migration process behind the scenes. We guarantee that you won’t lose any content or indexed pages, and that there will be no downtime in transition. Your existing website will remain active during the process. Once you approve your new LawLytics version, we’ll launch it for you, and put the site through our rigorous quality assurance process so you can rest assured that everything has been done with care and precision, and your new site preforms well from the moment it is launched.

Do you provide design advice and help?
Yes. You’ll always have access to our designers and to the latest in cutting edge law firm website design practices, so you’ll never need to guess or pay somebody to reinvent the wheel.
Will my website be mobile-friendly?
Yes. Your site will use the latest responsive design technology — the mobile-friendly method of displaying websites favored by search engines. This method ensures your site will look great, regardless of what device or screen size your potential clients use. When viewed in touch-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets), your site will respond to touch and swipe gestures. Your site will also be touch-to-call enabled.
How does the money-back guarantee work?
If you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel during the first 60 days for a 100% refund. 
How long does setup take?
The average time from signup to website launch is about two weeks, but can be done faster if needed.
Can I add new practice areas?
Yes. You can easily add and remove practice areas with LawLytics. Law firms frequently use the LawLytics content generator to quickly get up and running with new practice areas, or to experiment with new types of matters they think they are interested in handling. We help with the strategy and logistics, and can show you best practices for all practice types and markets.
Do I need a domain name?
Your website will be served from a unique domain name, that you own and control. If you have one already we’ll help you get it set up to use with LawLytics while ensuring that you maintain exclusive ownership and control. If you don’t have one yet, we’ll help you pick a great one, and if you want, help you get it registered. The cost of owning and maintaining your own domain name with a reputable registrar is typically between $10-$15 per year, and it’s worth the extra step (which we’ll help you with) to maintain your freedom of choice and clear ownership of your website going forward.
Can I switch between monthly and yearly billing?
Yes. You can change between monthly and yearly billing at any time. Plan changes will take effect at the end of the billing period in which you request the change.
Do I need a website to get started?
No. You do not need to have a website to get started with LawLytics.
What happens after I start?
You’ll be assigned a setup expert who will be your guide and advisor as we build, refine and launch your website. Your expert will make sure everything gets done right, and that you love your website. We handle all of the design, technical and logistical details for you.
Will my website be secure?

Yes. We provide and maintain SSL certificates your websites, and take care of all front and back-end security for you, and protect you against practice-harming hackers and other online attacks.

Will my website be backed up?

Yes. We take a daily backup of your site.

How established is your company?
We have been in business since 2011, have more than 50 full time employees, and are part of ATI Global, which serves more than 25,000 law firms across the US, Canada, Australia and the UK.
Can I review the agreement before starting?
Of course. Here it is.
Can we talk before I sign up?
Of course. You can get that scheduled here, or call us at 888-713-0161.