21 Content Ideas for Immigration Law Firm Websites

by Oct 15, 2018

This post offers 11 evergreen page topics and 10 blog topics that immigration attorneys can cover on their law firm websites, along with suggestions about how to get the most out of each proposed topic. [10-minute read]

Depending on your law firm’s area of specialization and the geographic region where you practice, content marketing methods can vary widely among immigration law firms. Focus on targeting the search engine users that are most likely to become clients of your law firm — as well as the clients you would prefer to serve — when adding content to your site.

Start by writing about more general topics on your site’s evergreen pages (those linked within your site’s primary navigation structure) and add increasingly specific information as your site continues to grow and develop over time.

The topic suggestions in this post can be interpreted and refined many different ways to appeal the potential clients your immigration law firm wants to target.

When adding content to your law firm website, remember to link to other relevant pages on your site using a strategic internal linking structure.

Evergreen  Page Topics for Immigration Law Firms

The evergreen pages of your site should cover information that is not likely to change over the long term. This includes general information about your practice area and the laws that govern it.

Unlike evergreen pages, blog posts should not be linked in your site’s permanent navigation. Since blog posts are continually pushed downward on a chronological feed on your site, they should be used to cover timely content or content that will otherwise have a shorter shelf life than the material offered on your site’s evergreen pages.

After you’ve added basic information about the laws governing your practice area to your site’s evergreen pages, drill down into specific information for each section by focusing on long tail search phrases that your potential clients or referral sources are likely to enter into search engines about those topics. Work on developing the evergreen pages of your site before transitioning to an aggressive blogging strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your firm’s content marketing.

The content of this blog post is not a complete list of topics that can be covered on your law firm website. Still, the suggestions included here could help improve your site’s online visibility for relevant queries performed in search engines.

Posts by visa type — Your potential clients are likely to search for information online about the specific visas they are hoping to obtain when traveling to the US. By covering information relevant to each specific type of visa you can capture the attention of your potential clients after they perform relevant searches.

Get more granular — Start by defining each type of visa on a dedicated evergreen page, then go back to add more detail about the processes associated with obtaining each type of visa on the relevant pages.

Posts geared toward specific audience personas — Not only will your potential clients be likely to search for information about specific types of visas, but they may also be inclined to search for information about how to help specific friends and family members obtain those visas.

Get more granular — You can begin by covering information about how to help family members obtain each type of visa, then get more specific by trying to capture search phrases that include terms like “my husband,” “my wife,” “my son or daughter,” “my cousin,” etc., for each visa type covered on your law firm website.

Posts by country — The refugee and immigrant populations in your geographic region are likely to include a disproportionate number of individuals from certain countries.

Get more granular — Start with a post that focuses on search phrases similar to “How to move from (specific country) to (your geographic region)” by targeting individuals from countries with the largest immigrant populations in your geographic region. Continue to flesh out this content by adding information about immigrating from countries that are less represented in your community over time.

Posts by state and/or city — Since immigration is governed at the federal level, you can target more than one geographic region in the US with the content on your law firm website.

Get more granular — Start with a local focus, but don’t be afraid to branch out into other jurisdictions as well, especially major metropolitan areas. Offer content about how to immigrate to high-traffic regions. You can get even more granular by covering information about how to move or travel from any number of specific countries to any number of American geographical locations and regions, as well (e.g., “how to travel from Mexico to Chicago,” or “how to move from Sudan to Seattle,” etc.).

Posts by industry — Many immigrants come to the US in order to work in a specific industry. Target international professionals by providing content that is specifically about how to immigrate to the US  to work in those industries.

Get more granular — Offer information about how to migrate to the US in order to work in some of the more popular and growing industries (e.g. healthcare, tech, etc.) or even by focusing on industries pertaining to your specific geographic region, then work your way toward adding content about industries that accept foreign employees less frequently or by branching out into industries in other geographic regions.

Posts targeting participants in specific internship programs or working for specific companies — Even more targeted than information about specific industries is content that is geared toward immigrants and international tourists who are hoping to come to the US in order to participate in specific internship programs or to work for specific companies.

Get more granular — Focusing on specific companies and programs (including educational opportunities at American universities) when targeting potential clients is a numbers game. Focus on the programs and companies that bring the largest number of visitors and immigrants to the US, then add content about smaller programs as you go.

Information about specific immigration offices — Offer information about specific immigration offices to capture the attention of potential clients who are looking for offices in a particular region.

Get more granular — Start by providing basic contact information, including addresses, phone numbers, hours, and maps for each office in your region, then branch out to other regions as you see fit. Offer specific information about the offices you cover on your site, including parking info, busiest times, options of where to eat nearby, and whatever else you think might be of interest to your potential clients.

Posts about specific forms — As your potential clients go through the immigration process or the process of obtaining a visa, they are likely to have questions about specific forms associated with the process.

Get more granular — Write content that explains the purpose of each form. Use the technical name of each form you cover in your content, as well as any common names for those forms. You can start with basic descriptions of the forms and information about when they might be required, then go back to offer tips about filling out and filing forms, as well as details about timelines and application processing.

Information on relevant governmental agencies and websites — Navigating government and other agency websites can be confusing. Provide links to relevant resources such as government websites and reporting and regulatory agencies.

Get more granular — Offer explanatory information about what your potential clients can expect to gain from the resources you provide, as well as how to navigate and use those resources.

Dedicated information about each stage in the immigration process — Break the immigration processes down into stages on your site and offer information specific to each particular stage.

Get more granular — You can begin adding this type of content with a “getting started” section for each type of visa you cover on your site, then continue to develop that content chronologically.  

Posts about local community services — There are a number of resources available to immigrants, refugees, and international visitors that might benefit your potential clients. Offer information about such resources on your law firm website.

Get more granular — Begin by covering some of the more obvious resources in your community (or elsewhere), such as resource centers that are dedicated to refugees, immigrants, and international visitors. Your potential clients might also benefit from information about resources that they can engage in order to learn English, use public transportation, get affordable and healthy food, and so on.

Blog Topics for Immigration Law Firms

Policy and law changes When government agencies adjust their policies, laws, or immigration protocols in ways that are likely to affect all or some of your potential clients, it is a good idea to cover those changes and their potential effects on your blog.

Major lawsuits and legal decisions When cases and decisions arise which may serve as a precedent for future immigration cases, or which may otherwise interest your potential clients, cover those cases and decisions on your blog.

Humanitarian concerns surrounding immigrationIt’s not always typical for immigration issues to make the national news, but it’s a good idea to cover high-profile immigration concerns on your law firm’s blog. This is especially true when you are able to offer legal insight on a situation.

Obtaining assistance (direct or indirect) from local organizationsWhen organizations begin offering new goods and/or services to refugees, immigrants, and international travelers, cover that information on your blog. You can also blog about how to obtain specific resources (housing, food, transportation, etc.) upon arriving in the US, as well as how to arrange to make sure those resources are available before traveling.

Traveling outside of the USMany of your potential clients that are already in the US may not realize that an immigration attorney can help them arrange for travel visas to other countries. Offer information on your site about traveling outside of the US, especially during seasons that see an increase in tourism, including during or before popular international festivals and events.

Local events for refugees, immigrants, and international tourists When organizations that provide resources to international immigrants and visitors hold events, or when cultural festivals take place in your community, cover those events on your law firm blog.

Immigration statistics Statistics can offer many opportunities to add content to your law firm’s blog. Interpret available statistics about your practice area for your potential clients as they are published or when they become relevant to your target audience.

Crimes that can result in limitations on your ability to immigrate to the US or that might otherwise limit your international travel opportunities — Discuss ways that criminal proceedings in the US and abroad can affect travel opportunities, as well as how immigration status can be affected by charges that are levied while in the US on specific visas.

Rights and processes for undocumented immigrants living in the US  — Offer information about how undocumented individuals living in the US can obtain legal status and inform potential undocumented clients about their rights under federal law (many topics listed in this post can also be applied to content that specifically targets undocumented individuals living in the US).

Youth immigration — People who plan to travel to the US with children will have specific questions that they might ask of search engines about immigration and visa processes for minors. Provide information about traveling to the US with children — or about children traveling to the US on their own — on your site.

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