3 Steps to Create Engaging Practice Area Pages

by Jan 20, 2022

When web visitors read your practice area pages, they’re looking for easy-to-consume information about their problem, your firm, and a potential solution. Here are three ways to create more engaging practice area pages that build trust and build your business.

Make Your Practice Area Pages Reader-Friendly

Readers tend to have short attention spans and shy away from pages with long blocks of text, even when they want to learn more about your firm. Make your pages more reader-friendly by:

  • Using short paragraphs
  • Adding bullet points/numbered lists
  • Creating white space with paragraph breaks
  • Using headers and subheaders

With these visual components, your pages are likely to produce better results. Making your information as simple as possible is essential for online audiences. You can still emphasize your expertise without making your pages too hard to understand. 

Readers want to have a conversation with you when they visit your website: you’ll improve your conversion rates by writing conversationally to your potential clients.

Directly address the problems and issues of your potential clients

Use your practice area pages to address your readers’ pain points directly, and you’ll make these pages more effective. Instead of listing your firm’s services alone, develop pages with a conversational structure.

“Medical errors are more common than most people realize. Thousands of patients are seriously injured every year because of medical malpractice. When a medical error harms a patient or someone they love, they turn my firm to get the advice, guidance, and care that they need.”

You may want to be even more specific about pain points: What upsets your clients? What problems do they experience without the guidance of an attorney? For example:

“Car accidents can be complicated, with injuries that can range from minor to severe (including death). There may be multiple insurance claims, multiple lawsuits, and more – all this while you’re trying to recover from your injuries, take care of the medical bills, and get your vehicle repaired. Our clients sometimes ask, ‘Shouldn’t I just let the insurance company deal with the accident claims?’ This approach can leave you without the compensation you deserve for your injuries, property damage, lost wages, pain, and suffering. Our experienced personal injury attorneys aggressively fight for you so that you can focus on getting better.”

Show how your firm understands them (and their problem)

Use your practice area pages to describe the problem your potential client is facing and how your firm can help them. What advice can you give them about the steps to take next? Incomplete information can cause suffering.

Whether a client is in pain because they’re upset about a divorce, nervous about their company’s future, or in physical pain after an accident, being able to see a clear path ahead with structured guidance can go a long way toward building trust and a relationship with you.

Generally, clients can’t directly judge your legal expertise. They will look for clear communication, guidance, and a track record of success working with similar clients.

Your practice area pages can highlight what it’s like to work with your firm, why you’re passionate about helping clients just like the reader, and even link to case results or victories, as well as testimonials from like-minded former clients.

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