3 Things Every Attorney Should Know About SEO

by Jul 7, 2020

To understand SEO and its role in your law firm’s success, it’s important to understand the online law firm marketing landscape, as well as the motivations of your potential clients and the search engines they use to connect with lawyers.

In this post, we’ll discuss the three most important things any attorney should know about search engine optimization.

The essential ingredient in law firm SEO is website content.

The common denominator in most underperforming law firm websites is usually a content problem.

Your law firm’s website content is the most crucial ingredient in SEO. It’s also the most crucial part of converting qualified visitors into engaged leads. It’s so important, in fact, that attorneys who do not commit to their website content are unlikely to achieve any lasting success on the web.

Good website content is valuable. It has a value at the moment it’s created. It also has a value beyond its initial creation, because it’s likely to be found in search results for relevant queries repeatedly over time.

When that content is educational and addresses potential new clients’ needs, it’s likely to be returned in search results when a potential client conducts a related search. It’s likely to be consumed by readers soon after you create it, and potential clients are likely to encounter that content months from now. 

The result of content creation is the ability to drive more qualified potential clients to your law firm’s website and convert them at a higher rate. It’s content — not SEO tricks — that heighten a law firm’s visibility and help the firm build trust with their potential clients.

When it’s done the right way, SEO is easy and affordable.

Despite what some SEO providers will tell you, attracting clients using free search engine traffic is neither complicated nor time-consuming.

SEO is easy and affordable when attorneys focus on the shared needs of potential clients and search engines, and address them with their website content. (LawLytics makes this easy because we take a content-based approach to SEO that is simple for attorneys to execute when they use our platform.)

Both potential clients and search engines are looking for quality information. Potential clients want answers about their case or matter. Search engines want to provide the most useful solutions for those questions. Good content addresses both of those needs, making it more likely that Google will return quality content on law firm website pages. Once a potential client visits your site, that quality content builds trust and makes it more likely that they will conclude their visit by contacting your law firm.

When attorneys focus on SEO in this way, they avoid wasting time and money on short-term or dangerous strategies that often fail to yield meaningful results for their firms.

Attorneys don’t need an agency to do SEO well.

When attorneys use LawLytics and follow our guidance, they quickly see that they don’t have to pay an agency to succeed. 

The LawLytics platform makes it safe and easy for attorneys to increase their site’s visibility online and convert more potential clients without the need to pay an agency or take risks. 

With LawLytics, everything you need is built in. With our unique technology, guidance, and exclusive focus on law firm websites, our attorneys have everything they need to develop and control their online web presence without wasting time or money.

LawLytics makes SEO easy for attorneys.

Nearly 3 out of 4 attorneys are dissatisfied with their websites. The common denominator is that they lack a system that puts them in control. LawLytics solves this problem: It’s designed for lawyers, and makes content-based SEO — and its result, client acquisition — easy. It empowers attorneys to control and understand their website easily.

LawLytics helps you develop a content-based SEO strategy to meet your firm’s goals efficiently. The result is your law firm’s website becoming a sustainable money-making asset that predictably produces the business you want.

To experience LawLytics yourself, schedule an interactive 20-minute demo.

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