4 Reasons Why Your Content Should Be Easy-To-Read

by Feb 17, 2023

It seems like most written content today is available to us in the form of lists with catchy titles that encourage us to click and learn more. Due to the over-exposure of available information via the internet, our audiences are gravitating less and less toward complex, long-form types of content. While it seems like this style of over-simplistic writing should stay within food and travel blogs, what can be the benefit of approaching law firm website content in this way? 

Read on to learn more about readability, why it’s important, and four reasons why attorneys should write easy-to-read content. 

What is readability and why is it important?

The readability of your blogs, practice area pages, or other written content refers to how easy or enjoyable it is to read. Characteristics like simple sentence structure, shorter sentences, and the use of conversational language all contribute to the readability of your content. In addition, marketing professionals recommend keeping your writing at an 8th grade level or below due to the reader’s tendency to scan a page of content before committing to reading it. If your content is written in a way that is easy to understand while scanning, the reader may be more likely to engage with that page. 

Readability is important because it can be very influential to the written content’s ability to attract and engage readers on your website. If your content is successful in grabbing the attention of the reader and keeping them there, then you are creating more opportunities for your website to convert visitors into clients.

Four reasons why easy-to-read content is best for law firm websites

Writing easy-to-read content for your law firm website has a number of advantages. While this writing style may not provide as deeply detailed information as, say, a book would, it can provide a welcoming entry point for your potential clients into your website. Here are the top three reasons why more simplistic written content is best for your website:

#1 It’s a style that readers gravitate towards

In our world of information overload and instant gratification, writers have experienced a shift in preference for long-form content to easy-to-read content. Regardless of how informative the content is, readers now may become frustrated if they have to really flex their brain muscle in order to understand the writing. 

For example, you may have noticed a lot more “listicles” in written content. This is content in the form of a list and is often accompanied by a catchy title such as “5 Things You Didn’t Know About…” The title helps grab the attention of the reader and intrigue them while the content works to deliver quick, digestible information about the topic. Content like this has been performing well in recent years due to its approachability and quickness. Take this blog for example – you can quickly learn four reasons why easy-to-read content is best for your website without working to find the information. Listicles help readers get what they need, and move ahead. 

#2 It makes complex legal topics more accessible

Although some legal concepts can be quite complex, they don’t have to be written about in that way. It’s recommended that you try to avoid using legal jargon in your writing, or ensuring that any legal concepts are thoroughly explained and accompanied by examples. 

For many of your potential clients, this may be their first exposure to learning about the law and legal concepts. In addition, they are likely dealing with a stressful legal matter and need answers fast. By writing content that considers the unique position of your potential clients, you can help them access and understand legal information more easily. And by doing so, you can help build trust and authority with your web visitors more efficiently. 

#3 It can keep readers engaged for longer

High-quality content that is written in plain language can work to hook your readers and keep them on your page for longer. Before a potential client decides to read your content, it’s common for them to scan the page first. Their eye may travel to the headers, subtitles, bulleted lists, and short paragraphs that signal to them that your content is going to be accessible to them to read and understand. After they’re satisfied with their assessment, they will read the content and pick up on the main takeaways. If this is a topic that interests them, they may want more in-depth information and decide to reach out to your firm.

#4 It can help improve your website’s visibility online

By effectively engaging your readers with your written content, you can improve your website’s visibility online in a few different ways. When a web visitor stays on your website to read your content, this can help to decrease your overall bounce rate (the percentage of people who visit just one page on your website before leaving) and signal to Google that your pages have valuable content to its users. If your content is helping your website build its authority with Google, you can see an improvement in your site’s visibility online, ultimately leading to an increase in web traffic. Finally, if a potential client finds your written content easy-to-read and informative, they may want to revisit your website and engage with your content more often.

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