Common Attorney Bio Mistakes On Law Firm Websites: Podcast Episode 24

In Episode #24, we discuss common mistakes we’ve seen on attorney bios and how to fix them.

Knowing what makes an effective attorney bio on your law firm’s website is one aspect of driving new business to your firm. Attorney bios are one of the most visited pages on law firm websites. But another part of successfully telling your story and building a bond of trust with your potential clients is knowing what not to do.

Sometimes, attorneys craft their bios in ways that unintentionally drive people away from their websites or that give potential clients the impression that the attorney is unapproachable. Sometimes, attorney bios fail to address the questions that potential clients often have:

Do you care about your practice?

Do you care about their case or problem?

Do you care about them?

However, avoiding mistakes on your attorney bio often comes down to seeing your bio through the lens of your potential clients and addressing their needs. When you do, you can make your attorney bio reflect your accomplishments and personality in a way that causes potential clients to like, trust, and ultimately hire you.

Tune into this episode to learn more about what to avoid when you’re crafting an attorney bio for your law firm’s website.

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