Improving The Homepage On Your Law Firm’s Website

Published: 10.27.2017

Host: Victoria Blute

In Episode #25, we discuss how to improve the homepage on your law firm’s website.

There are many ways that a potential client or referral source might enter your website. They might do a Google search that leads them to a blog post you’ve written or to an evergreen page on your site, just as an example. But, they might also enter your law firm’s website directly through your homepage.

And, whether that’s their point of entry or they navigate to your homepage from another page on your website, it raises the question:

Is your homepage doing everything that it can to help potential clients to learn more about your practice, to encourage them to like you, and to inspire them to contact you?

We’ve seen law firm website homepages that are confusing, busy, and distracting. But, we’ve also seen homepages that are well designed with clear navigation, a clear message, and that keep potential clients interested. Keeping potential clients’ attention doesn’t mean that you need lots of bells and whistles. What it does require is an understanding of how potential clients view your homepage.

Tune into this episode to learn more about building a homepage that showcases your law firm the right way and encourages engagement from your potential clients and referral sources.

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