What Attorneys Should Know About Law Firm SEO Reports

Published: 09.27.2017

Host: Victoria Blute

Sometimes we talk with attorneys who are working with a law firm SEO company or who have been given information from a marketing company in the form of reports.

These attorneys often want to know if the reports they’ve been given are something that have real value or meaning and if they’re something that they can trust.

Part of using your online marketing asset effectively (such as your law firm website and blog) is being able to measure results. However, some law firm SEO reports that are generated for attorneys may not be what they seem.

In Episode #20, we discuss a logical way to approach law firm SEO reports that keeps attorneys from wasting time and money, as well as what questions to ask about these reports before concluding that the data in them provide a realistic depiction of what’s happening to your law firm’s web presence.

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