Social Media For Lawyers In 2017

Published: 09.22.2017

Host: Victoria Blute

In Episode #19, we discuss how to use social media effectively without wasting time or money.

Social media can play a role in your law firm’s online marketing. Yet, many attorneys are confused by how to use it or they use it in ways that are time consuming and expensive.

To use social media wisely, you’ll need to know what works and how social media fits into the rest of your online marketing activities.

Some attorneys take a spaghetti marketing approach to their social media and spend lots of time and/or money on every social media strategy available. They often become frustrated when they have nothing to show for all of that effort.

While content should be the foundation of your law firm’s online marketing, social media does have a role in marketing your firm.

In this episode, you’ll learn about the¬†purpose social media serves for law firms, how you can benefit from it, and how to use social media to drive business to your law firm without spending your time and money on unproductive strategies.

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