Choosing The Right Perspective For Your Law Firm Website: Podcast Episode 8

Published: 08.28.2017

Host: Victoria Blute

In Episode #8, we review the three perspectives attorneys are likely to use on their law firm’s website (first, second, and third-person) and where attorneys may want to use each perspective.

For example, should a solo practitioner write about themselves in first person (“I provide aggressive criminal defense”) or third-person (“Attorney John Smith provides aggressive criminal defense”)?

There are good reasons to use (and not to use) certain perspectives. But it’s a decision that should be made carefully because it can affect the impression that potential clients have of your firm, and it can potentially affect their experience with you.

Listen to this episode to learn when using a certain perspective may or may not be a good choice, and how to be strategic with the perspectives that you choose for your law firm’s website.

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