How to Display Case Results With LawLytics That Drive More Business to Your Firm

by Feb 17, 2019

Displaying case results on your law firm’s website can drive more business to your firm. Your previous successes as an attorney are important points of social proof for your potential clients that can increase their confidence in your work, encourage them to engage you, and ultimately hire you.

Your potential clients read case results with themselves in mind — they’ll put themselves into the shoes of the clients who are the subject of your results.

Continue reading to learn how easy it is to add new case results to your LawLytics website that attract more qualified potential clients.

How to add a new case result to your LawLytics website

LawLytics makes it easy to add, edit, and reorder your case results. To add a new case result, simply click on “New Case” in the LawLytics control panel, or navigate to “Case Results” from the top-level “Publish” menu.

From here, you’ll be taken to your main Case Results page. You can see all available case results in the menu on the left. The top-to-bottom order in which these case results are displayed represents the order in which they’re displayed in your case results index page. 

To reorder any of your case results, click and drag the result into the appropriate order.

To create a new case result, use the provided text editor. Give your case result a title and use the body text editor to explain the details and outcome of the case. Because your case results will be featured in an index page, provide a quick summary of the result so that potential clients can navigate to the case results that interest them most.

When you’re finished writing your case result, use the menu below the text editor to select the case result’s date, the attorney responsible for the result (if you have more than one attorney at your firm), the relevant practice area(s), and the court involved. You can also select a relevant image and choose which of your LawLytics sites you’d like to feature the result on if you have more than one.

When you’re finished, simply click the green “Publish” button. If you need to edit the result later, click on the result in the menu on the left, make changes, and then click the green “Publish Changes” button.

When potential clients view your case results, they’ll be shown an index of results, like this one:

Potential clients can then click on the results that are most interesting to them to see the result and its details in full: 

To learn about how to write more effective case results that resonate with your potential clients — regardless of the result’s size or scope — see our blog post, “How To Leverage Both High-End and Low-End Case Results To Drive More Business To Your Law Firm.”

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