Factors That Affect Law Firm Content Marketing Success: Podcast Episode 33

Apr 6, 2018 | Podcast

One question that attorneys often ask us when they begin a content marketing strategy is how long it takes for content marketing to work for their firms.

It’s a topic that we recently discussed in our “Creating Compelling Content” webinar series, but in this podcast episode, we take an in-depth look at many factors that can affect how quickly — and to what extent — content marketing will work for law firms.

Content marketing works better than any other form of online marketing when it’s done well. But, creating quality, targeted content that addresses the needs of your potential clients requires time and planning.

Content marketing is a more like a marathon than it is like a sprint. Whether you’re investing your time, your money, or both into your content marketing, a good content marketing strategy does not produce immediate results.

But to answer the question of how much time is required, attorneys have to look at a variety of factors that affect their firm in a unique way.

In this episode, we discuss several of the issues that we see most often including:

  • The quality and quantity of your law firm website content
  • The uniqueness of your content
  • The competition in your market and geographic area

…and more.

Tune into this episode and learn how to avoid pitfalls that can affect your success with law firm content marketing. To explore other episodes or subscribe to the LawLytics podcast, visit our podcast page or view the LawLytics Podcast on iTunes.


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