Speaking Your Potential Clients’ Language For Better Online Law Firm Marketing: Podcast Episode 32

Mar 30, 2018 | Podcast

The language that you choose for the content on your law firm’s website can make a significant difference in how potential clients find you, how they interpret what you have to say, and whether or not they decide to hire you when the time is right to choose an attorney.

In this episode, we discuss how to choose the right language to reach your law firm’s intended audience.

Language isn’t just a way to communicate an idea — it’s a way to connect with people. Language is part of people’s identities. That includes your potential clients.

Being able to relate to how your potential clients speak or are likely to describe their case or matter can help a potential client not only find your content, but help them determine that you understand them and that they can trust you.

So, what kinds of things should you consider as you’re determining how to craft your law firm website content to target your audience? Tune into this episode, in which we discuss language considerations for a number of different practice areas.

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