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Video Transcript:

Hey there, Dan Jaffe, CEO, and founder of LawLytics. And I’ve got some exciting news to share with you. If you logged in today to your LawLytics account, and you notice something new, it’s been a long time coming. You’re going to see the content library feature. And before I show you a little bit about that, I just want to tell you that this is something that we have studied for years. We spent about a decade, refining, how lawyers create content on their websites, how it works with potential clients and referral sources, how it works with the search engines.

We spent a lot of time delivering it on a one-on-one basis to attorneys, and we figured out how to deliver it to every LawLytics member in a way that makes sense for them to be able to quickly add content to their website, have a content that is going to attract and align potential clients. And it’s going to make it easy for them to interact with it and expand upon it to make it their law firms own content. Let’s take a quick look. So when you log in, you’ll notice that there’s now a content library box. If you click on the content library, it’s going to take you to a robust library of different topics. And what you’ll see is you’ll have selection over what topics you use.

Let’s say you’re a bankruptcy lawyer, and you already have some bankruptcy content on your website, but you want to add a page about bankruptcy and divorce, for example. So if you click on bankruptcy, you’re going to see that there are pages to be able to publish, and you’ll find the bankruptcy and divorce page. You’ll see that it’s already got some stock content in there. And then there’s some blue-fields that then can be personalized for your law firm. If you click use this template, you can then personalize them and they change in real time. And when you publish it, this is going to go directly into your LawLytics website for you to edit, to taste.

And we’re going to give you hints on how to beef it up topics to add, to make it your own. We’re going to give you guidance about where to put it on your website and we’re going to make it so that if you’ve ever wondered about what content should I write, if you ever struggled with how to write it or you’ve ever just thought, well, I just don’t have enough time to put content on my website. Well, this is for you.

This is going to make it so easy that you can have as much content as you want, as quickly as you want. All you have to do is either do some clicks yourself or a delegate, those clicks, and then you can refine it and make it your own. As you go forward. Now, let’s say you are a criminal defense lawyer, and you’ve got a criminal defense website, but you don’t have any, let’s say DUI content. And so you want to add some DUI content. You can go to the criminal library and then you can go to the impaired driving area and you can instantly add some pages that allow You take impaired driving cases. Now let’s say you are a criminal defense lawyer, and you’ve got a robust amount of content on your website for criminal defense, but you think, well, maybe I’d like to expand into another area of practice. Well with politics, you can easily do that without having to spend a lot of time planning or thinking about. So let’s say you want to also try out doing some personal injury and just want to add a few pages to your website.

All you’ll need to do is click through. You can see what types of cases and topics we have and you can pick and choose those topics and surgically put them on your website. So you can experience what it’s like to have those on your website. And you can see whether that attracts the kind of clients you want, whether you enjoy taking those types of cases without committing to a marketing agency, to do a buildup and without spending any time on your own and do it anyways, a lot more to come very soon on this topic, really excited.

This was a great team effort with all of the LawLytics team, from our customer facing team, to our product designers, to our content, creators, to our engineering team, to our support team, everything is there. It’s ready for you to use. If you’re a LawLytics member already, you can just jump right in. It’s going to be very self-explanatory and we’re here to help you wherever you need it.

If you’re not yet a LawLytics member, and you’re looking for a way to be able to quickly and easily put up a new website or improve your existing website and have content that resonates with clients and potential clients without having to spend the money and spend the time and effort on doing it, then check us out. This is going to be a game changer in terms of how legal websites are created, and it’s going to make it so easy for you to get ahead that there’s no reason to wait.

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Attorney Dan Jaffe previously built successful small law practices in WA and AZ. He currently serves as the CEO of LawLytics.

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