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Attorney Dan Jaffe is the CEO of LawLytics. This is his blog.

Neeva Search and Your Law Firm’s Future

  Hey, fellow lawyers. Let’s talk about Neeva, a new search experience that is promising “ad-free, private search.” There’s currently a waitlist. I’m on it. Today I got a nice message from them saying that all I had to do is take a short quiz and I’d get at least...

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How You Communicate With Potential Clients Moves The Needle More Than Branding

It’s not about the logo, or the website layout, or the colors, or the images. Sure, those things are necessary, and there’s a best way to do them on a law firm website. But doing those things the right way is table stakes (and baked into LawLytics so you don’t have to spend energy thinking about them). The rubber meets the road in how you talk with your potential clients about your firm. It’s your voice they want to hear (or read), and no tattoo artist can do it better than you.

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Legal Marketing Opportunity: Blog About RBG

No matter what types of law you practice, and no matter where you’re located geographically, if you’re an attorney in the United States, you have a golden opportunity to blog about RBG, and the history and future of SCOTUS. Here are just some of the topics that potential clients, clients, other lawyers and the media are using Google to search for, and that you can write about.

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Legal Marketing Opportunity: Take a Stance on Your Website

Remember, people hire people (not law firms) when they need to hire an attorney. So the more context that you can give to your prospective clients about you that makes them like you, trust you and understand that you’re an expert in helping people with their exact problem, the better. And no lever is more powerful than a strong stance on a debatable topic when that stance aligns with your prospects world view.

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Multilingual Law Firm Websites and SEO Best Practices

If you are an attorney who speaks with clients in two or more languages, or a member of a law firm that provides multilingual client communication, this article will show you the best ways to capture the most revenue from your broadest possible addressable market.

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As Lawyers Our Thought Leadership Is Needed Right Now

As lawyers, we have an opportunity presented by the uncertainty and risk facing America and the world. Unlike laymen, lawyers have information and tools at our disposal to contextualize a significant part of what’s going on. The gift of context can be shared. And the...

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My Early Lessons In Solo Law Practice Growth

In this post, I’m going to talk about how I weathered the learning curve of being a suddenly very busy attorney while trying to build my firm for the long term. They call it the “practice” of law for a reason. Every lawyer has a lifelong learning curve about not just law and procedure, but about the “soft skills” listed above and many others. As a solo lawyer, you need to know every aspect of your business, and often need to competently execute every bit of it yourself.

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New Realities and Habits That Will Form Your Law Firm’s Future

Just because they need you, or soon will, does not mean that they will engage you on your terms. Your potential clients’ buying habits are different now. And, when you understand and respect them, they actually make marketing, intake and client expectation management much easier.

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My Story – Starting My First Law Firm

This is the fifth post in my blog series about how to start and build a solo law practice. At the beginning of the series I’m taking the time to tell my story, which I hope will frame the advice and opinions that I give in future posts. In the last post I covered the...

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