Freshbooks: Online Billing for Lawyers

by Sep 16, 2013

Editorial Note: Here at LawLytics, we love other technologies that can make everyone’s life easier. In this post Jake reviews an online billing service that makes getting the money you deserve easier.

The Internet. It’s something you can’t not trip over these days. Whether it be in your firm’s office, a clients house or just on the street. You have it on your phone, your fridge, your computer, your watch, everywhere. Yet, for your small law firm, it still seems almost impossible to easily accept credit cards and money over the internet. There are companies out there that make life a little easier for us who reside in the internet.

Freshbooks is one of those companies ready to go against the old guard. They are an online expense manager company. They allow you to bill clients and give you and your clients easy ways to send and accept payments online. Two of the ways I recommend to accept the payments is either PayPal and/or Stripe. They both give you ways to accept payments from Credit Cards online, quickly and easily.

Freshbooks has great mobile apps for iPhone and Android, allowing you to bill on the go. These apps also allow you to add in your travel and food expenses that your firm might charge a client. They look beautiful and are intuitive to use. Best of all, the apps are free.

Freshbooks allows you to start with a free account that allows you to have up to 3 clients. After that, it’s $19.99 a month and up. Ironically, you can try Freshbooks without ever needing to give a credit card. The freedom to try something without getting stuck is a great thing.

There are some other options out there that some would suggest like WePay. While this is a great service for someone to suggest, it is not the same type of service like FreshBook. WePay is more akin to PayPal or Stripe. It is a way to get money to you while Freshbooks is a way to bill and keep track of who paid.

The internet is all around us and it’s about time receiving payments utilizes this vast online world we live in. Freshbooks is becoming a bigger and bigger contender and a great way to get clients to pay your law firm the money you deserve, without having to rely on the old guard.

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