Google Calendar, Scheduling for Lawyers

by Sep 17, 2013

Got enough time to spare to read this article? I’ll wait while you check your pocket calendar… That took a while. You had to search for today through pages and pages, didn’t you? Well, you could have just left a Google Calendar tab open in your browser and been able to see everything right off the bat.

Google Calendar is an online calendar that resides in the cloud, giving you the ability to pick up right where you last left off. The nice thing about the internet is that it’s almost ubiquitous. You are able to check your calendar just about anywhere in the world from your computer or smartphone. Google Calendar can also send you an email, text or pop-up reminding you of a meeting you have scheduled.

Another great thing about Google Calendar is the collaboration that it can bring. You are able to send invites to anyone that has an email address and they will easily receive it into their online calendar. Also, if you are a small law firm that uses Google Suite, you’ll be able to share your calendar with your firm’s entire office so everyone will know each other’s schedule. While sharing with people in the office, you’re able to control exactly who can see and do what with your calendar.

Unlike a paper calendar, you’re able to quickly change your view between single day, week, month and year view. You can see only what is going on today, or if you want to see exactly what the week holds, you can do that too. Also, if people have shared their calendars with you, can opt to see or hide their calendar as well.

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