What Google’s December 2020 Algorithm Update Means for Law Firm Websites

by Dec 4, 2020


  • Google released its December 2020 Core Algorithm Update
  • This update will reward websites that feature relevant, authoritative content
  • Google gives information-rich websites priority in search results for relevant queries
  • LawLytics makes it easy to produce online content that ranks well with Google

As it does several times per year, Google announced the release of its latest core algorithm update — a “significant, broad change to [Google’s] search algorithms and systems.”

Google's December 2020 Algorithm Update Tweet

Google announced its December 2020 Core Update on Twitter. Like many of its updates, this one has a focus on website content.

According to Google, the purpose of the December 2020 Core Algorithm Update is to ensure that “[Google is] delivering on our mission to present relevant and authoritative content to searchers.”

What this Google algorithm update means for your law firm

Attorneys with information-rich, user-focused websites will succeed — and will continue to thrive — in Google search. 

These websites are visible to potential clients because Google rewards sites with compelling, educational content with better placement in search results. (In fact, law firm websites are held to a higher standard by Google because of the importance of legal information.) Attorneys who focus on publishing valuable web content will attract more potential clients to their website. These attorneys will also convert potential clients more easily than attorneys who don’t.

Attorneys who ignore web content as the driving factor in attracting and converting leads will continue to struggle and miss opportunities to reach potential clients.

The good news is that, with the right tools and strategies, getting new clients through your law firm’s website is easy for attorneys to do. 

Why do information-rich websites rise to the top of Google searches?

Abundant, accurate information is what connects search users to useful websites.

That’s why, regarding the December 2020 update, Google’s advice to website owners is to do one crucial thing: “Focus on content.”

Google cares about information-rich websites because that’s also what its users care about. Your potential clients gather a lot of information about their issues before they hire an attorney. In fact, many of them don’t realize they need an attorney before they begin their search online. 

Google knows that its users expect to find the most accurate and comprehensive information about their problem. As a result, it needs to bring law firm websites  to the top of search results.

This is good news for small law firms. Because many small law firms and solos haven’t embraced this reality, attorneys who do embrace it have a distinct advantage when they use the right methods.

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