Holiday Blog Ideas For Attorneys

by Nov 18, 2016

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Many of us will take some time to give thanks and visit with family and friends.

The upcoming holiday season provides attorneys with some unique opportunities. It’s an opportunity to assess your law firm’s marketing in 2016, and to think about where you’d like to be in 2017.

It can be a time to think about your content plan and business goals for the upcoming year. It’s also an opportunity to reach more potential clients because the holiday season often comes with its own set of problems.

Here are a few examples of blog post and newsletter ideas for several practice areas.

Holiday blog ideas for personal injury attorneys

Write a blog post or newsletter about precautions that should be taken while hanging holiday lights from a height, or safety tips for deep-frying a Thanksgiving turkey. The holiday season is a popular time to use fireplaces — what should potential clients know about using them safely? Are gas fireplaces dangerous even if they have safety glass? What are some other precautions that should be taken with candles, electric lights, Christmas trees or space heaters?

Holiday blog ideas for family law attorneys

Holidays are a time for family, but divorced families face different challenges. Write a blog post or newsletter about the best way for divorced spouses to deal with each other during the holidays when there are children involved. How should they communicate with one another? How should they make arrangements for family visits? (Which parent will visit with the children during Thanksgiving? For Christmas? How should they handle travel needs and family traditions?)

What are the best ways to navigate the challenges of separate households while attempting to mitigate hurt feelings and anger?

Holiday blog ideas for Criminal Defense & DUI Attorneys

Criminal Defense: The stress of the holiday season (and the months that follow) can make tempers flare. The combination of alcohol, large family gatherings, and financial stress can be problematic. But, studies also show that domestic violence may rise after the holidays, too.

Regardless of when it happens, a domestic violence charge can carry serious penalties. Write a blog post or newsletter about what should someone know if they’ve been charged with domestic violence. Can a victim drop the charges if they decide they no longer want to pursue a case? What are the best ways to avoid domestic violence situations?

DUI/DWI: The holidays can be a dangerous time to be on the road, and DUI arrests are at their highest around this time, and fatalities involving alcohol-impaired drivers increase during this time, too. What should people know about the best ways to avoid a DUI during the holiday season? What sort of safe driving tips should they follow? Can people rely on rules like “one drink per hour” and still drive safely?

These are just a few possible ideas for a small selection of practice areas. You may want to ask yourself what kind of questions you most often get from clients and potential clients around this time of year — or what kinds of questions you wish people would ask — and create a blog series that answers each of them

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