How to Get More Clients Through Content-Based SEO

by Jul 16, 2020

Google rewards user-focused webpages by increasing their visibility in search. To create user-focused webpages, you’ll need to take a content-based approach to your law firm website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Content-based SEO is the best way to attract new business to your firm without wasting time or money. Here’s what to know about getting more clients with a content-based approach to your online marketing.

What is content-based SEO for lawyers?

There’s a lot of information available about search engine optimization (SEO). Unfortunately, much of that information confuses attorneys instead of helping them thrive online.

Without high-quality content, a law firm website has little chance of performing well with Google or any other search engine. If potential clients cannot find your law firm in search, it becomes much harder to attract clients to your law firm from the web.

There are only three elements to consider as it relates to content-based SEO: content strategy, content structure, and the content itself. 

With LawLytics, attorneys use our content strategy playbook to create content that drives new business from the search engines. Our platform takes care of the content structure and technical elements, so attorneys can easily create and publish content that attracts new potential clients to their firms.

Why does content-based SEO work for law firm websites?

Content-based SEO works because it provides both Google and your potential clients with what they’re looking for: high-quality, informational content.

Potential clients want answers about their case or matter; search engines want to provide the most useful answers for those questions. Good content addresses both of those needs. Content is the most important element in SEO. Without it, a law firm website is unlikely to get the kind of visibility required to attract new business.

Many attorneys worry about search engine optimization. They want to become more visible in search engine results, but they don’t know how to do it.

Some attorneys have been led to believe that SEO is too complex, too time-consuming, or too expensive. Some focus on tactics that don’t make a difference, or worse, that damage their online visibility.

But often, the problem is a lack of understanding about the relationship between content and SEO (or that there is a relationship between the two). 

The “optimization” part of law firm SEO is really about being optimally visible to viable potential clients and referral sources. Content is what helps attorneys become optimally visible to potential clients. But once a potential client finds you, content also helps you with the next step: providing educational value to your potential clients and referral sources. Google has an interest in providing value to its users. The most visible organic listings for a given search query are often those that provide a great deal of valuable, relevant content.

Good content is what search users need, and therefore, also what Google needs.

What happens when attorneys focus on content-based SEO?

When attorneys focus on website content, they:

  • Give Google the high-quality content that it needs to provide to search users. That builds trust between the search engine and the law firm website.
  • Give web visitors detailed information about their case or problem. Based on your content, a potential client sees that you’re invested in your firm and their problem. As that bond of trust forms, the potential client becomes motivated to contact your firm.
  • Improve their law firm’s online visibility. Good content addresses your audience and answers their questions in language they understand. When you write content that focuses on your users, Google responds by giving these kinds of sites better placement in search.

LawLytics makes content-based SEO for lawyers easy.

When attorneys use LawLytics, they discover that SEO is:

  • Simple and affordable. LawLytics allows lawyers to have a search engine optimized website without having to do anything technical or “trick” search engines.
  • Driven by content. The most important aspect of law firm SEO is content.
  • Easy. When you use LawLytics, SEO is easy.

The LawLytics platform is designed to make it safe and easy for attorneys to have world-class SEO without the need to pay an agency and take risks. Everything you need is built in, and gets updated as standards change. Our unique technology and exclusive focus on law firm websites means you’ll be on the cutting edge without worrying about SEO.

To see how LawLytics makes it easy for you or anyone you choose to produce content that ranks well in search results, schedule an interactive 20-minute demo.

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