How Adding New Content To Your Law Firm’s Website Attracts Clients

by Jul 21, 2020

Google has repeatedly stated that high-quality content is an essential (likely the most essential) ranking factor in search. And there are lots of indications that fresh content is important to your firm’s potential clients too. The good news is that giving both Google and your potential clients what they need is easy and requires a minimum of time and effort, and no prior tech experience (when you use LawLytics).

In this blog post, we’ll explain what you need to know about content freshness and how LawLytics helps attorneys become more visible in search.

Google rewards law firm websites that feature frequent content updates.

Attorneys signal that they are active and engaged when they publish new, fresh content to their law firms’ websites. 

For search engines, fresh, high-quality content indicates that your website is developing into an authoritative resource for potential clients. Google is dependent on content creators to return meaningful search results to its users. When you create new content that gives potential clients educational value, you’re following Google’s guidelines to make pages for users, not search engines.

As a result, Google is more likely to serve pages with high-quality information to potential clients when they make a relevant search.

Fresh content also signals to potential clients that you care about them and your practice. 

When you visit a website and see that the content has a recent date, it looks good. It means that someone updates that site regularly, and it likely contains current, relevant information.

If the most recent update is from last year or even earlier, a potential client may think that the website is out of date and unattended. It may leave a potential client with the impression that the site isn’t useful. It can send a message that the website may be less well attended. 

While different content has different freshness needs, regularly updating your law firm’s website with high-quality is a good sign to potential clients and search engines that you are active and available.

LawLytics makes it easy for attorneys to update their websites without struggling with technology. As a result, attorneys can quickly and easily publish new, fresh content that attracts potential clients from search engines.

Fresh content gives attorneys more chances to be seen and connect with potential new clients.

Websites that add new, high-quality pages at a higher rate may earn a higher freshness score than sites that add content less frequently.

Each piece of fresh content you create gives you a new opportunity to show Google that you’re creating fresh content, and also to connect with potential clients searching for similar information.

There are potential clients in your area who are searching for content related to their case or matter. Google needs matching information to return to those potential clients. The more content that attorneys create related to that topic, the more material Google has available to return in search. When a potential client sees content that matches their query, they’re likely to click on it. The information they find on your law firm’s website will help them learn about their problem and guide them about what to do next.

In multiplying that experience by each new potential client who finds a fresh piece of content, attorneys can reach many new potential clients without wasting time or money on ineffective search methods.

Fresh content increases trust and authority with both search engines and potential clients.

Attorneys need to understand that law firm websites and blogs are held to a higher standard by Google. Law firm websites fall under the Google-defined category of “Your Money Or Your Life” pages.

These pages can impact a reader’s current or future well-being, be it physical, financial, or otherwise. As a result, Google expects these pages to contain a high level of detailed, accurate, and recent information.

(For example, it could be dangerous for someone to trust an old webpage that discusses a since-changed law. Providing that information to a search engine user would also reflect poorly on Google. It would hurt Google’s business if search engine users could not trust the information they receive in search results.)

Because both Google and your potential clients are looking for the latest and most accurate information, creating fresh, up-to-date quality content builds trust with both.

LawLytics makes it easy for attorneys to connect with new potential clients.

When attorneys use LawLytics, they discover that creating a web presence that helps them get found by potential clients is simple and affordable. LawLytics allows lawyers to have a search engine optimized website without having to do anything technical or “trick” search engines.

The LawLytics platform is designed to make it safe and easy for attorneys to have world-class SEO. Everything you need is built in, and gets updated as standards change. Our unique technology and exclusive focus on law firm websites means you’ll be on the cutting edge without worrying about SEO.

To see how LawLytics makes it easy for you or anyone you choose to produce content that ranks well in search results, schedule an interactive 20-minute demo.


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