How to Audit Your Google Business Profile

by Feb 8, 2023

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free business listing intended for local businesses to manage their online presence on Google Search and Google Maps. GBP is an extremely handy resource for solos and small law firms because it allows you to show up directly in searches and Google Maps. This helps potential clients to find you more quickly and easily and also gives them a more direct way to connect with your firm and get their questions answered.

The initial setup of your GBP listing involves the configuration of several customizations that are designed to streamline your listing’s potential to show up in more relevant and local search results. This includes setting your firm’s contact information, assigning a business category, creating tags, and even adding photos. It’s important to fill out each customization completely and accurately to get the most out of your listing. However, once complete, there is still a maintenance element to GBP that many businesses neglect.

If you have created your GBP more than three months ago, it may be time for a quick audit of your listing to ensure your firm is represented correctly online. Read on for the four things you should check on your GBP, how to fix any discrepancies, and additional resources that can help you optimize your GBP.


Four things to audit on your Google Business Profile

#1 Contact information

The first item on your audit checklist should be to ensure your firm’s contact information is accurate and up to date. Incorrect contact information can lead to a lost client due to a speed bump in their ability to reach out. Your potential clients are likely using Google to research information about their legal matter or case, and this can be a high-stress situation for a lot of people. Creating any sort of issue in getting in touch with your firm can be a major deterrent to potential clients in these scenarios. 

To check if your contact information is showing up on your GBP correctly, try Googling your firm on an incognito tab to view your business listing. Using an incognito window helps you get an accurate depiction of your listing without the influence of cookies, caches, and location settings.

To open an incognito window on your browser:

  • Google Chrome: Click the stacked dots located on the top right corner of your browser. Navigate to “New Incognito Window” 
  • Safari: Hover over “File” located on the top left corner of your screen. Navigate to “New Private Window”

Once you have found your listing, review your contact information for any inaccuracies. If you happen to find an error, navigate to your Google Business Profile Manager after logging into your Google account to make any necessary changes. Once your changes are complete, navigate back to your incognito tab and make a new search for your business listing to verify your information is displayed correctly.

#2 Location pin

Google Business Profile allows your business to show up directly in Google Maps, making it very important that your location is displayed correctly. Because Google connects potential clients with search results that are both relevant and local, your firm’s location pin needs to accurately reflect your firm’s physical location.

Not only does the accuracy of your location matter for helping potential clients physically locate your office, but it can also influence the search results in which your listing appears. For example, if your location pin inaccurately placed your firm in a neighboring county, you could be missing out on the potential clients in your county due to their location settings. Or, you could receive inquiries from potential clients that live in an area that you don’t serve, which can be frustrating.

To see if your location pin is appearing correctly on Google, use the same method as the previous checkpoint to open an incognito window. You will need to check the accuracy of your location pin in the following places:

  1. Google Maps. Navigate to Google Maps and search your firm’s name. Google Maps should return the address and a visual indication of your firm’s location on the interactive map. 
  2. Your GBP listing. A small map should appear within your GBP listing to provide a snapshot of your firm’s location.

If your location pin is appearing correctly, you’re free to move to the next checkpoint. If your location pin is inaccurate, it’s important to take steps to correct this right away. This can be done by making any necessary corrections to your business address using Google Business Profile Manager. If you find that your firm is still not represented on Google Maps accurately, you may need to reach out to Google directly via a support request. Once any changes are made, it’s helpful to conduct a new search of your law firm to check if your location is now appearing correctly.

#3 Q&A Feature

Google Business Profile listings feature a Q&A section for businesses to receive and answer their customers’ or clients’ questions directly through Google. Firms can use this feature to provide answers to frequently asked questions and help expand on the information on your website. In addition, the Q&A feature can be a great way to engage with potential clients on Google and ultimately drive them to your website. 

You will receive an email notification to the email associated with your GBP for all new questions that are submitted to your firm’s listing. However, to ensure you’re not missing any questions from your potential clients, a good rule of thumb is to check your listing’s Q&A section for any activity once per week. This can be done through the Google Business Profile Manager or by Googling your firm while logged into the appropriate Google account. 

If you receive a question from a potential client, be sure to answer them as soon as possible and provide them with sufficient information to answer their question. It’s also a good practice to link any helpful resources that you may have on your website so they can conduct further research.

#4 Reviews

Your GBP listing appears in a list among other business listings on Google Maps, making it easy for the consumer to toggle between businesses and make quick comparisons. The reviews feature on GBP is a major source of social proof for potential clients that are seeking representation and exploring their options. Just as you would read the reviews for a new restaurant you’re planning to dine at, your potential clients are undergoing a vetting process to find an attorney. 

Because a number of good – or bad – reviews can influence a potential client’s decision to hire you, the reviews feature on your GBP should have a high priority in the regular management of your listing. To find your firm’s reviews, navigate to your Google Business Profile Manager or Google your firm while logged into the appropriate Google account. You will receive an email notification to the email associated with your GBP for all new reviews that are submitted to your firm’s listing. In addition, around once a week, take the following actions in the reviews section of your listing:

  1. Respond to new reviews. Responding to new reviews on your Google Business Profile helps show potential clients you’re actively engaged with your business. For any new, positive reviews, respond directly to the client with a short but personalized message to thank them for taking the time to review your firm. If you happen to get a negative review for your firm, it’s important to take it seriously and show potential clients that you care about their satisfaction with your services. Unfortunately, there is no way to remove legitimate reviews from your GBP listing. So, the best course of action is to respond to the negative review thoughtfully then move on. As you continue to work toward getting more positive reviews from happy clients, the negative review will eventually be drowned out by the newer reviews.
  2. Report phony reviews. Due to a confused Google user, a bad actor, or some other reason, businesses can occasionally receive bogus reviews on their GBP listings. If this were to occur, you can report the review to Google and it will be placed under review. This is done by navigating to your Google Business Profile Manager, selecting Reviews, and after finding the bogus review, clicking More to report it. After reporting, if Google finds that it’s illegitimate, the review will be removed from your listing.


Additional Resources

The following are additional resources for getting started with Google Business Profile and optimizing your firm’s listing:

  1. Download: Guide to Google Business Profile
  2. Watch: Guide to Google Business Profile On-Demand Webinar

Despite common practice, Google Business Profile is not a “set it and forget it” asset for your firm’s online marketing. Instead, GBP needs to be monitored for activity and any possible inaccuracies to ensure your firm is properly represented on Google. If you’re a current member of LawLytics and have any questions about Google Business Profile or how to complete any audit checkpoints, please contact support. If you’re not currently a member and would like to know more about how LawLytics can help your firm succeed online, schedule a quick demo with a product expert.

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