How to Avoid Common Content Marketing Problems on Your Law Firm’s Website

by Jul 14, 2020

Content marketing works better than any other form of SEO to drive new business to your firm. There are lots of ways to do content marketing correctly for your firm, and only a few things you shouldn’t do. 

Here are some of the most common content marketing problems and easy solutions to get your firm on the right track.

Content marketing problem #1: Doing nothing.

Doing nothing, whether for fear of making a mistake or something else, will keep you from seeing the benefits of content marketing.

If fear or confusion is holding you back from publishing content, keep in mind that the list of things attorneys shouldn’t do is small:

  • Don’t violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines by doing things like writing for the search engine (instead of your potential clients).
  • Don’t focus on SEO tricks that you think might get you ahead (keyword stuffing, link schemes, and other practices that violate Google’s guidelines)
  • Don’t violate your bar association’s ethical standards
  • Don’t make sloppy or careless mistakes in your content

While there are a handful of specific things not to do, there are many things that you can and should do when it comes to content marketing for your law firm.

Solution: Start by creating a solid content plan.

Content marketing for lawyers works best when you make regular progress toward publishing content that closely matches the searches your potential clients conduct online.

The best way to stay on track with your content is to develop a solid plan that addresses how and when your content will be written and published.

A content plan helps you discover and produce the kind of website content that is most likely to benefit your potential clients — and, by extension, your practice. 

LawLytics helps attorneys develop and execute effective content plans by providing attorneys with the software, support, and strategy needed to succeed online without wasting time or money.

To learn more about effective content planning for your law firm, see “How to Create an Effective Content Plan for Your Law Firm’s Website.”

Content marketing problem #2: Neglecting the value in longtail searches

Your potential clients are curious and researching elements surrounding their problems. 

Basic keyword searches aren’t necessarily a good reflection of searches that potential clients conduct. Yet, because there is a belief that this is how all potential clients search, these terms have a high degree of competition among attorneys.

Unfortunately, this often causes attorneys to focus exclusively on ranking well for these kinds of searches. They then miss opportunities with many potential clients who are not searching this way.

Solution: Develop more content around longtail queries.

One of the best and fastest ways for attorneys to reach more potential clients is to develop content around longtail phrases. 

There’s less competition surrounding these kinds of searches, and there is a higher conversion rate: people who conduct longtail searches are more likely to be viable potential clients for your law firm than someone searching for basic keywords. 

The more specific the search, the higher likelihood there is for conversion. 

A person conducting a highly specific search is often looking for detailed information that answers that question. 

If you’re providing high-quality content related to that question, you can engage that potential client. They’ll spend time on your law firm’s website reading information about their case or problem, reading information about you, and learning what to do next.

To learn more about “the longtail,” see: “Developing Law Firm Website Content Around Longtail Keywords.”

Content marketing problem #3: Creating general content that fails to attract local potential clients

Much like writing about highly specific queries yields results for attorneys, adding local content to your website is also likely to attract local potential clients to your firm.

Unfortunately, some attorneys miss the opportunity to take a local angle with their content. Their content is too broad and general to attract the right audience. As a result, they may believe content marketing doesn’t work.

Solution: Use the right tools and strategies to develop local content.

Content marketing works best when you think like your potential clients think. When it comes to online searches, prospective clients often search with a “local” focus.

They often search by combining local things they do know (“I was arrested for a DUI at the Staples Center in Downtown LA”) and legal things they don’t know (Many potential clients don’t understand how laws are enforced, adjudicated, and administered.) 

As a result, attorneys who can capture their potential clients’ thought processes and translate it into the content on their website are likely to attract a large number of new potential clients through longtail content.

At LawLytics, we show attorneys what to write (and how to write it) to get the most out of content marketing and create a predictable business flow for their firms. Using our platform, attorneys can easily create and publish their longtail content to attract more potential new clients.

LawLytics makes it easy to get more clients with less risk.

Don’t let content stumbling blocks get in your way: Your potential clients want to know what you know. They want to know that you care about their problem, and that you’re the best person to handle their situation. Content marketing is the best way to demonstrate your enthusiasm, trustworthiness, and expertise.

LawLytics is designed for lawyers, and makes content-based SEO — and its result, client acquisition — easy. It empowers attorneys to control and understand their websites easily.

LawLytics helps you develop a content-based SEO strategy to meet your firm’s goals efficiently. By using our platform, strategy, and support to create a quality website, your law firm’s website can become a sustainable money-making asset that predictably produces the business you want.

To experience LawLytics yourself, schedule an interactive 20-minute demo.

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