How to Use Your Law Firm’s Blog to Develop Your Online Voice

by Jul 24, 2020

When you use your blog to develop your online voice, your potential clients learn more about their case or problem, and they get to know your personality.  

When potential clients read your blog posts and interact with you, there’s a continuity of experience that reinforces the good feelings they have about you. Your blogging voice can make you seem more approachable, and it can also make the things you say resonate more with potential clients. Unique law firm blogs can also attract influencers and the media.

Blogging, when it’s done correctly, can really set you apart. Here’s how to use your law firm’s blog to develop your online voice and bring in new business.

Know your law firm’s audience.

Knowing your audience will help you choose what to write about and how to frame those topics.

To use your law firm’s blog to attract more potential clients to your firm, focus your posts on your potential clients and their needs. Website content (whether in the form of practice area pages, detailed law pages, or blog posts) becomes more visible online when it’s geared toward your intended audience.

Before you begin creating blog posts, you’ll likely benefit from creating a client persona for your law firm. Client personas help attorneys define their audience and craft their blogging voice to reflect sameness between themselves and their potential clients. 

Choose law firm blog topics that will resonate with your potential clients.

Potential clients want to know that you care about the same things that they do.

As a result, it’s important to choose law firm blog topics that are likely to attract potential clients.

News stories, proposed legislation, and common questions from potential clients are often blogworthy topics. (Learn more about these topics in our blog post, “How to Write Blog Posts That Potential Clients Will Act On.”)

The key to getting the most impact from these topics is to go deeper than simply repeating a news story, or providing a sentence-long answer to a common client question.

Instead, the way to develop your online voice and attract new clients to your firm requires analysis (which we’ll discuss below).

As you develop your voice, keep in mind that most attorneys benefit by writing in layman’s terms. No matter the topic that you select, write in a way that’s easy for your potential clients to understand. If you have to use statutory language, explain it in plain English, and consider providing a few examples of how a legal term or phrase might be used.

Use your law firm’s blog for analysis related to your practice.

Blog posts are a great place to discuss recent news stories, proposed legislation, and common questions from potential clients. But these blog posts only help attorneys develop their online voice when they demonstrate the attorney’s expertise and authority through content marketing.

The best way for attorneys to develop their blogging voice (and drive more business to their firms) is through detailed analysis. Summarizing a news story for context is fine — but it’s your legal analysis and insight that potential clients are looking for. 

For example, if a personal injury attorney wants to attract cases involving accidents with commercial vehicles, this attorney may want to write blog posts that take a detailed look at common questions his or her potential clients have. (“Who do I bring a lawsuit against if my daughter was injured by a truck on the 101?” “Can you sue a California truck driver who was tired while driving?”)

An estate planning attorney may want to attract those who, as a result of the Coronavirus crisis, have decided to look into creating a will or trust for their families. This attorney may want to analyze stories in the news about Coronavirus (and look at why it’s a smart move to create a will or trust early on). This attorney may want to explain why it’s important to hire an estate planning authority instead of choosing a DIY will or trust. Alternatively, this attorney could choose to answer common questions about what’s involved in creating a will or trust during the time of COVID-19.

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