SEO False Alarms: Another Example Of SEO Agencies Jumping The Gun

by Aug 18, 2020

On Monday, August 10, there was a lot of chatter on SEO websites and message boards regarding sudden fluctuations in Google’s search rankings.

The incident caused many agencies and SEO companies to panic, speculating that this was a significant algorithm update that would change how people build successful websites.

It turns out that this was not a search algorithm update, but in fact, a bug. Here’s what Google said:

“On Monday we detected an issue with our indexing systems that affected Google search results. Once the issue was identified, it was promptly fixed by our Site Reliability Engineers and by now it has been mitigated.”

Google constantly innovates, refines, and tests new ways to improve its search algorithms. In fact, it made thousands of small changes to its algorithms in the last year alone. But despite the changes that Google makes, there are two factors that it consistently points to as being crucial for those who want better rankings for their websites.

Here’s what you need to know about creating law firm webpages that rank well with Google. 

The two factors that Google cares about on law firm websites

Regardless of what algorithm updates Google does make, there are two key factors that the search engine has always cared about:

  • Google cares about user experience on law firm websites.
  • Google cares about high-quality website content that answers a user’s question in the best way possible. 

Google cares about user experience because the search engine serves as the gateway between the website user and the website. If Google returns slow-loading, poorly designed sites that don’t provide an optimal user experience, search engine users will stop using that search engine to answer their queries.

That’s why, unlike other companies or platforms, LawLytics uses proven website layouts that produce an optimal user experience and increase conversions.

Aside from sites that provide an optimal visual experience, Google also cares about the content that the site features. Google cares about high-quality content because that’s also what website users care about. Website content is part of the user experience.

For each query asked, Google will try to return the most relevant information to that potential client. When your content closely matches that potential client’s query — and provides educational information that helps that potential client fill in the gaps in their knowledge — Google is more likely to return those pages toward the top of search.

If Google cannot return the best content to its users, search engine users would go elsewhere to find the answers to their queries.

Potential clients in the research phase of their case or matter will use Google to learn more about their problem (and whether they need an attorney). They’re looking for a user-friendly site that helps them learn about their problem and decide what to do next.

When attorneys use our platform and our content-based approach to SEO, they’re able to drive more traffic to their law firm’s website easily because our platform provides what potential clients want and our content-based system gives potential clients the information that they need.

LawLytics keeps attorneys from having to scramble when Google makes an algorithm update because it keeps you on the right side of Google’s user-centric guidelines. By focusing on what potential clients need and providing them with a user-friendly experience, attorneys improve their visibility in search and convert clients easily.

LawLytics improves your online visibility and gives potential clients an optimal law firm website experience.

When attorneys use LawLytics, they discover that creating a web presence that helps them get found by potential clients is simple and affordable. We provide you with the system, strategy, and support you need to have a thriving law firm website.

To see how LawLytics makes it easy for you or anyone you choose to produce content that ranks well in search results, schedule an interactive 20-minute demo.

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