Where To Find Inspiration For Legal Blog & Law Firm Website Content

by Jun 24, 2016

The quantity of the content on your firm’s website is something that can be built up over time. But the quality of that content — whether on a substantive page or in a blog — is always important. Regardless of the quantity of material you have, all of the content you write should be useful, informative and trustworthy.

The success of your law firm online isn’t rooted in the number of pages you have on your law firm’s website. If your content is thin and of little value, adding lots of pages to your website will be ineffective with your potential clients, referral sources and search engines. Not only that, but thin or no content may hurt your law firm website’s traffic and rankings if Google deems it to be in violation of its guidelines. There’s a reason that Google says to “make webpages for people, not search engines.” People use search engines for research, and your potential clients are using them to research their case or problem.

No matter how many pages there are on your law firm’s website, it’s critical to create quality content on each one, above all. The quantity of that content is limited only by the time that you dedicate to writing, the topics you choose to write about and the questions you decide to answer.

Law Firm Content Marketing Should Focus On Quality Content

Attorneys who have a small web presence or no web presence at all shouldn’t feel they immediately need lots of pages on their website to be seen online. If you start creating content and your law firm’s website only has ten pages, those ten pages of quality content are likely to bring in more qualified potential client leads than if you have no web presence at all or a presence made up primarily of thin content.

With quality content, you can turn a brand new website into hundreds of useful pages for potential clients and search engines. The more pages there are, the more information is available for search engines and potential clients to discover. That can translate into hundreds and thousands of visitors daily and a substantial number of qualified potential clients.

But all of that starts with writing useful, informative quality content. But where do you begin if you’re not sure what to write about or how to keep writing?

How To Get Inspired To Write Law Firm Blog & Website Content

The most important thing is to get inspired. We recommend watching our Content Planning Clinic (and, when you’re ready to advance your skills, you can view our Advanced Content Planning Clinic to learn more about content strategy.) These webinars will provide you with the foundation you need to write high-quality content on a consistent basis.

It’s difficult to write content regularly without a plan. If you try to build your website without a roadmap, you can easily end up feeling lost and ultimately, you may not end up where you intended to be.

Where Can You Find Law Firm Content Ideas?

Once you’ve created a roadmap for your content — and while you’re busy writing it — don’t forget to stay alert for other content idea opportunities. Any moment that you’re practicing law is an opportunity to find more content ideas that you can translate into substantive pages and blog posts. Each client you interact with, every question they have, everything you hear in court, discussions amongst your fellow attorneys — each of these interactions is a new opportunity for you to find a new content idea.

The days when you could create a website, launch it, and then never have to touch it again are long gone. To compete online today, you must keep updating your pages. (Yet another reason why having a long term plan for your content is so vital to your law firm’s success.) While the above scenarios might be casual conversations to most people, these are opportunities to answer new questions and write about new topics that will help you build a web presence that the competition can’t touch.

Law Firm Content Marketing Is A Continuous Process.

Attorneys who want to thrive online need to keep adding more content and more options to their pages. But it’s a good thing: The addition of new, useful content keeps your potential clients engaged and encourages them to return to your website. So when you think you’re done, remind yourself that there’s always more to add. You can always write new blog posts, encourage engagement on your website through internal linking, add pictures, video, and infographics to your substantive pages, and more.

LawLytics Can Help You Create Content For Your Law Firm’s Website.

Content marketing is what brings potential clients to your website and helps transform them into new business for your law firm. At LawLytics, we know some attorneys love writing content, some don’t, and some simply don’t have time, which is why we offer content marketing services. Whether you’re starting from scratch or want us to add to existing content, we can help. Our content marketing department provides substantive “evergreen” pages, blog content, and digital marketing collateral such as ebooks and email newsletters.

To learn more about our content creation offerings — or to learn more about how we can improve your law firm’s marketing — schedule an appointment online, or give us a call.

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