Why Law Firm SEO is a Game Attorneys Can Win

Published: 07.11.2018

Host: Victoria Blute

Law firm SEO might not seem like a game to you.

You might be worried about the state of your online marketing, and there’s nothing fun about being in that position.

Or maybe it does seem like a game. Albeit, one with moving targets that you can’t seem to figure out. Maybe you’ve paid a SEO provider to do one thing or another; maybe it works for awhile, then Google makes some kind of change to its algorithm and all the progress you’ve made comes undone.

Maybe law firm SEO seems like a game that everyone else but you can win.

However, search engine optimization is a game. And it’s one that you, as an attorney, can win. It’s a game of probability and odds, learning how to stack those odds in your favor, and minimizing uncertainty.

Tune into this episode to learn how to play the game of SEO the right way.

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