How Your Law Firm’s Website Can Be More Than a Marketing Tool

by Jan 13, 2022

Law firm websites can be powerful marketing tools – but their value can go beyond marketing when they’re used strategically. Here are three ways that your website can benefit your firm aside from marketing your services.

Your website can help you run your practice more efficiently

By placing resources on your website, you can point current or prospective clients to them when they have questions, saving time for both them and your firm.

You can add self-serve scheduling tools, forms, documents, payment options and more to your website, which can free up the time traditionally required to provide clients and potential clients with these services. 

By answering common questions and concerns on your website, you can save time on the phone by sending individuals to your website. You can even weed out potential clients who aren’t a good fit for your firm by using your website to clearly lay out your firm’s services, processes, and expectations – reducing the time required to explain many of these things on the phone.

By using your website as not just part of your marketing – but a fully integrated part of your practice – you can save time, money, and resources while providing your potential clients with a seamless experience.

Your website can help you eliminate the overhead costs of having a physical office

More and more law firms are moving to a virtual model. As a result, attorneys are realizing that they can eliminate costly aspects of their practice, such as building leases, office equipment, upkeep, and more.

Virtual law firms tend to use cloud-based software so that they can work from anywhere – meaning fewer expenses related to having a traditional brick-and-mortar office. For example, when firms move to cloud-based documents and client intake forms, they reduce their firm’s paper usage. By storing documents on their websites, these firms also make it easier for clients to find, fill out, and return documents whenever is most convenient for them. 

Virtual meetings can make your legal services more accessible – especially to those who may not be able to visit a physical office. Virtual meetings benefit clients because of the increased convenience – and can often encourage potential clients to reach out to your firm when they see that you take virtual meetings. The convenience of virtual meetings also encourages more frequent lawyer-client communication, which is an important element of keeping your clients happy. 

Your website can help you with client expectation management

By providing lots of information on your website, you can manage your clients’ expectations more effectively. When clients have questions about you, your firm, or their legal matter, your website can provide them with time-saving information and develop a sense of transparency as they work with you. Transparency can help to manage expectations and counter issues with potential clients whose expectations may be unrealistic.

Developing online resources that you can point to when clients or potential clients have questions can prevent surprises, address questions about timelines, fees, how quickly your firm returns phone calls, or even what to expect at an office visit or during an online meeting.

LawLytics makes it easy to market and run your practice.

A good website doesn’t just market your law firm – it plays well with the other tools you use to run your practice. LawLytics websites provide everything you need to have a high-functioning, professional website that integrates with many of the tools you’re already using at your firm. (To learn more, see our partnerships and integrations.)

If you’re not a LawLytics member and you want to get the most out of your law firm’s website, schedule a 20-minute interactive demo with us to see how it works.




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