Law Firm Websites & The Longtail Search: Podcast Episode 6

Published: 08.25.2017

Host: Victoria Blute

In Episode #6, we discuss the value of considering longtail search queries as you write content for your law firm’s website and blog.

It’s important to write content on your law firm’s website that addresses the questions your potential clients have. The questions that your potential clients ask you during an initial meeting or during the course of their case or matter are often the same kinds of questions that they ask of Google.

A misconception that a number of attorneys have is that potential clients always conduct basic keyword searches to find their attorney. (Searches like “DUI Attorney Los Angeles,” or “Estate Planning Attorney Georgia,” or “Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix”.) 

That misconception can leave attorneys overvaluing keywords and thinking that the success of their website and/or business rests on whether they rank well for these basic keyword searches.

But these basic searches do not necessarily align with how your potential clients use Google and how they ultimately select an attorney.

Tune into this episode to learn more about longtail searches and how they can help you drive quality traffic to your law firm’s website.

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