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by Feb 14, 2017

Your potential clients need your contact information. But online, you can turn your office into more than just a phone number and address.

If you’re about to drive somewhere unfamiliar, what do you do? You’ll need the location’s address, first. Maybe you’ll use Google Maps to find directions. You might even do more research to find out what’s near the address or do a practice drive to the location if it’s in a busy part of town or you need to know if there’s an easy place to park.

Your potential clients will look at your website to find your address.  But they’ll want extra information that saves them time and lets them know what to expect. An office location page can include maps. When you do, you save your client the extra step.

If you have multiple office locations, let your potential clients know. And if you handle different practice areas at each location, let them know that, too. And if you have multiple attorneys at those locations, consider letting your potential clients know who they can expect. Who’s going to greet them at the reception desk? Is it easy to park at your office? Will they need their parking validated? What kind of landmarks are near your office?

Consider not only written directions for your potential clients, but give them some visuals, too. Include pictures of your office both internal and external. Your potential clients should have enough information about your firm, both in content and in pictures, that they feel at home once they arrive. Give your potential clients the first impression of your office online.

Additional Considerations For Office Locations Pages

What if you’re a personal injury attorney who is able to meet potential clients outside the office?

An office locations page is a great place to highlight this benefit. If you are able to meet potential clients outside the office — in the home of an injured client, for example — make sure that your potential clients know that. Having the knowledge that you can assist them outside your traditional office setting is helpful, and can set you apart from attorneys who don’t mention such a benefit on their site. It can also put them at ease when they may be facing the pain and stress associated with their injury, and help to build a relationship with you before you’ve even met face-to-face.

What if you’re an attorney who practices in a larger geographic region than just the town or city where you’re located? Again, an office locations page is a good place to make this information known. If you have an associate who lives at a distance and can handle cases in another county, make sure that your potential clients know that. Otherwise, they may assume that your practice is limited to just one area, which could mean lost business for your firm.

Example Of An Office Locations Page For Attorneys

Here’s an example of one way to present an office locations page that does more than just list an address and phone number.

This page lists basic information first, which includes his Bakersfield contact information and a map:

example attorney office page location


This page follows with location-specific information that’s useful to potential clients. Note the way this information is presented:

“Some of these cases involve local residents and incidents that occur in and around Bakersfield. Others involve people just visiting Bakersfield or Kern from out-of-town who get pulled over driving through on the I-5 Freeway. ”

“The Kern County court system is known for being conservative and tough on people who get charged with crimes. The Kern County District Attorney’s Office vigorously prosecutes criminal cases–even Bakersfield DUI–and often seeks jail or state prison for offenders.”

Rachel Chalot, Vice President of Content Strategy, explains the benefit of this strategically written content.

“This does a couple different things,” she says. “First, it establishes that this law firm is experienced and familiar with this location and the DA. But it also gets across the point that criminal charges, even minor ones, have serious consequences.”

The content indicates to potential clients that it may be in their best interest to hire an attorney without making a direct statement such as, “Even a misdemeanor conviction can have a serious effect on your life, you need an experienced advocate…”

This applies the idea of “Show, don’t tell,” and choosing a strategy like this can help you connect with potential clients without bombarding them with advertising messages or writing self-serving promotional copy on your law firm’s website.

Creating Office Pages In LawLytics

LawLytics makes it easier than ever to create stunning, locally-optimized office pages that will impress your potential clients and provide them with the information they need most. All you have to do is type in your address and phone number, and our system does the rest.

single local office attorney example

An example of an office page created with LawLytics


If you have more than one office, the LawLytics platform automatically creates and updates an interactive page to feature your multiple office locations. Best of all, each location gets its own individual page that features:

  • An interactive map
  • Your law firm’s contact information
  • Any other information you’d like to add including:
    • Photos
    • Regular and on-call hours, and
    • Any other attorneys featured at each office.

Request an interactive demo of LawLytics to see for yourself how easy it is.

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