LawLytics Featured in the Lex Tech Review

by Feb 26, 2019

LawLytics was recently featured in the Lex Tech Review.

In her review,  Lex Tech Founder and CEO Chelsey Lambert notes that having a law firm website is no longer an option for attorneys.

“Historically, law firms had two options,” she writes. “One, to build a website themselves, or two, to sign up with service providers who essentially do everything for you, oftentimes locking you into years of misery with little return.”

“The truth is that there is a large population of solo, small, and boutique law firms that need a website that looks great and is easy to update on their own,” she writes. “Both of these traits are what impressed me most about LawLytics.” Lambert highlights:

  • Creating a new law firm website site (or improve your current one) with LawLytics
  • LawLytics’ easy-to-use suite of built-in marketing tools designed for attorneys
  • How LawLytics makes adding and editing your website content as easy as using a word processor

…and more. “Websites are a critical part of your law firm’s marketing portfolio. LawLytics has successfully created one of the easiest website systems that is not only effective but affordable,” Lambert writes. “Now, solo, small, and boutique law firms have access to reliable website technology, strategy, and services that scale as their business evolves.” You can see Lambert’s full review of LawLytics here.

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