Introducing ApexChat and LawLytics Integration

by Apr 2, 2019

LawLytics is now a native integration partner with ApexChat.

ApexChat provides live chat agents and services to help you generate more leads for your law firm. It can help you engage visitors and screen potential clients to discover if they’re in need of legal services and determine whether they’ll be a good fit for your firm. ApexChat’s live chat agents provide a familiar way for potential clients to communicate with your law firm, even after hours, for those who aren’t yet ready to call or submit a form.

ApexChat’s Main Features

ApexChat’s main features include:

  • Fully Customizable: With custom invitations, branding and interactions, ApexChat’s look can be customized to your website.
  • Mobile Optimized: Chat invites and windows adjust to mobile devices.
  • Geo-Mapping & Routing: ApexChat’s Google Maps integration ensures you reach customers in your geographic area.
  • Office Hour Tracking: You can create different chat responses for potential clients based on your office hours.
  • Reporting Features: Visitor, chat, and lead reports let you know who is engaging with ApexChat.

How does ApexChat integrate with LawLytics?

You can connect your ApexChat account with LawLytics in just a few clicks. Simply navigate to the LawLytics integration menu…

…and select “Connect” under the ApexChat feature.

Use the text box to insert your ApexChat company key. If you have more than one LawLytics website, use the checkboxes to select which of your LawLytics websites you’d like to add ApexChat to. When you’re finished, select “Add ApexChat.”

ApexChat is now connected to your LawLytics site.

The integrations menu will display an icon which indicates that ApexChat is connected to your site.

You can learn more about ApexChat and its services here.

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