Content Planning For Your Law Firm

Published: 08.21.2017

Host: Victoria Blute

The LawLytics Law Firm Marketing Decoded podcast covers information and strategies to help lawyers start, grow and build dominant law firm websites without wasting time or money.

In Episode #3, we discuss the importance of content planning for your law firm’s online marketing.

One part of content marketing success depends on consistent effort. If you write one blog post a month, or don’t regularly add to the pages on your law firm website, it’s unlikely to engage potential clients and it’s unlikely to move the needle for your firm.

A lot of attorneys look at their online marketing as an afterthought. They may not put much effort into the future and how they’re going to plan for it. With busy schedules and the demands of running your practice, it’s understandable how that happens. 

But a good content plan can help you stick with what works. And while you can succeed in the short-term by creating content as it pops into your head, it isn’t nearly as efficient or useful as creating a solid content plan that fits the unique needs of your firm.

We discuss the various factors that go into content planning in this episode. To listen to it, visit the LawLytics Podcast page, find us on iTunes, or listen above.

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