Legal Marketing Opportunity: Blog About RBG

With the recent passing of SCOTUS Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, there is massive public awareness and a fair amount of confusion. It’s September 24, 2020, and the ugliest political year of my lifetime is about to get much, much uglier.

The wild speculation from pundits on cable news and the partisan rhetoric from the politicians are inflaming passions and stoking curiosity. As always, as lawyers, we have an opportunity to be a guiding light and a voice of reason while at the same time getting a marketing benefit by bolstering our reach, reputation, and credibility.

No matter what types of law you practice, and no matter where you’re located geographically, if you’re an attorney in the United States, you have a golden opportunity to blog about RBG, and the history and future of SCOTUS. Here are just some of the topics that potential clients, clients, other lawyers, and the media are using Google to search for, and that you can write about.

  1. The life and career of RBG
  2. RBG’s jurisprudence
  3. The potential impact of RBG’s replacement
  4. The law and procedures surrounding her potential replacement
  5. The potential impact and logistics of court-packing to rebalance the court
  6. The apolitical promise of SCOTUS

I’m sure there are many other topics that are on people’s minds that are caused or triggered by RBG’s passing.

Depending on your practice type(s) you can use an analysis of any relevant opinion, concurrence, or dissent that she authored as a teachable moment for your potential clients. You can demonstrate how her rulings have affected their matters, and also how her dissents would have changed things had her dissenting reasoning won the day. When you do this, you can look for opportunities to add helpful links from your blog post(s) about RBG to relevant substantive or procedural pages on your law firm’s website. This will send traffic to those pages and reinforce the authority of those pages with search engines.

This is all very easy when your law firm’s website is on LawLytics. If you’re already a LawLytics customer and want help with ideas or with identifying opportunities, please let us know. If your website and/or blog is not yet with LawLytics, see how easy it is to get ahead by capitalizing on opportunities like the ones described in this post to simultaneously serve your community and your firm’s marketing goals.

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Attorney Dan Jaffe previously built successful small law practices in WA and AZ. He currently serves as the CEO of LawLytics.

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