Series Introduction: Silver Bullet Myths In Online Law Firm Marketing

by Nov 1, 2016

This blog post introduces a series about common online legal marketing myths. It will include general myths, as well as myths about SEO, disposable marketing, content, and more. Revisit this page in the coming days for more posts in this series.

In folklore, a silver bullet was the only solution for werewolves, witches, and monsters. 

There are many silver bullet myths in online legal marketing. There seems to be no shortage of magic, one-size-fits-all, too-good-to-be-true solutions for attorneys to buy. These solutions are often costly. Some waste attorneys’ time. They may be ineffective solutions to a law firm web marketing problem. Sometimes, marketing companies persuade attorneys to buy “solutions” to problems that don’t even exist.

When attorneys cannot separate fact from fiction, how can they know the right strategies to market their firm online?

Fact: There is no silver bullet solution for law firm web marketing.

We often hear from attorneys who haven’t taken the time to learn about online legal marketing or the legal marketing industry. Many attorneys know that potential clients use the internet to find law firms, but aren’t sure how to connect with them.

We also hear from attorneys who have tried silver bullet strategies.

The overpriced or time-consuming marketing solutions haven’t worked for their firm. These attorneys may be frustrated with their marketing, disappointed in their lack of business, and several thousand dollars poorer. What they sometimes discover is that the choices they’ve made were based on silver bullet myths. The advice they received may have come from a SEO company, a marketing company, or elsewhere.

When attorneys act on marketing myths, they often waste resources. They may be stuck in expensive, long-term contracts. They may be paying for costly add-on services they don’t need. And, they’re wasting time on strategies that don’t bring them new clients. Some of these strategies can even harm a firm’s ability to attract potential clients online.

When attorneys rely on one myth, they sometimes rely on another one to try and correct the problems created by their first belief. Meanwhile, they fall further down a rabbit hole that can leave them wondering how to undo the marketing problems they now face.

What happens when attorneys get bad online legal marketing advice?

An attorney’s beliefs about online legal marketing can shape their expectations about how the process should work. 

Those beliefs are sometimes myths. Uninformed attorneys may act out of the belief they should fear something or belief in a promise that’s too good to be true.

Attorneys may then have unrealistic expectations that can shape their perceptions about online legal marketing. That can lead them to draw conclusions that create more problems for their marketing. The result is often more frustration, more disappointment, and more money wasted.

Do you believe that law firm SEO is some kind of magic that only “experts” can understand? Were you told that something is “wrong” with your law firm’s website? (If you have, were you then told that the solution to that problem is something you can buy from the person or company who made that claim?) These are among the many myths that we’ll debunk in this blog post series.

Here’s how small law firm owners can avoid falling for silver bullet myths.

You’ll be less susceptible to myths that drive inefficient marketing practices if you have a basic understanding of:

  • How the internet and search engines work
  • Why attorneys should focus on marketing assets that they own and control (such as a law firm website and blog)
  • What it means to be efficient and effective in online legal marketing
  • The path potential clients take to find attorneys online
  • The nature of the legal marketing industry (including the commoditization of the legal profession)

Attorneys who take a little time to understand these matters are less likely to waste their time and money, and much more likely focus on the straightforward, realistic strategies that generate revenue for their firms.

These strategies aren’t quick fixes or magic. But, when implemented over the long term, these strategies turn a law firm’s web presence into something substantial and purposeful that drives business in a measurable way. These methods take basic law firm websites and turn them into something valuable for small law firm owners.

If you’re just starting to build your law firm’s web presence, now is a great time to make sure you know what’s fact and what’s a myth in online legal marketing. if your law firm has been struggling, it’s not too late to learn how to move forward. We’ll show you what myths to avoid so you can build a solid, cost-effective presence that helps your law firm thrive.

By the time this series is done, attorneys will have the knowledge to know what’s fact and what’s fiction when it comes to their online legal marketing.

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