5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block So You Can Create Effective Law Firm Blog Posts

by Oct 27, 2016

It’s not always easy to create new content for your law firm’s blog.

Your law firm is unlikely to see the benefits of content marketing without publishing new, useful content on a regular basis. Without a plan to overcome writer’s block, a lack of inspiration can become a larger problem. Writer’s block can make it difficult to stick to your content plan, and it can make it difficult for potential clients to find you.

beat law firm blogging block

Attorneys with writer’s block may procrastinate instead of publishing new content. Writer’s block can make attorneys anxious when they’re sure they’ve written all the content there is to write.

If you haven’t dealt with a case of writer’s block yet, you probably will at some point. But, you don’t have to let it get in your way for long.

There are so many ways to find new ideas for content and repurpose old content that you’ve written. I’ll talk about that in a future blog post. For now, here’s an infographic with some quick tips for beating writer’s block.

A good piece of advice I’ve received is this: When you have a problem that you can’t solve, walk away from it temporarily. Do something else. While you’re distracted, your mind continues working on that problem in the background. When you return to the problem, you may find that you have more clarity and a better sense of what to do next.

That approach can work for law firm blogging, too.

So, if you’ve been staring at a blank page for the last 30 minutes, take a break. Go for a walk, call a friend, or try solving a crossword puzzle. Take the pressure off of yourself to create, and you’ll likely have more inspiration when you return to your desk.

If you’re short on time or inspiration, our content department is always available to help. If you want to discuss content ideas, content services, or marketing strategy, feel free to schedule a call with us.

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