Review of Campaigner for Law Firm Email Marketing

by Nov 12, 2015

In my last review, I looked at GetResponse, which is, overall, a nice selection for law firms that want to improve their email marketing and marketing automation. In today’s review, I’ll look at Campaigner, another email marketing software for law firms.

You can learn more about other email marketing software I’ve reviewed by visiting the email marketing series for lawyers page.

Campaigner for Attorney Marketing Automation

Campaigner is an email marketing software developed ten years ago by marketers themselves. Campaigner’s goal is to help businesses of any size bolster their relationships with customers and increase company revenue.

Read on to see how Campaigner can assist your law firm with email marketing.

Campaigner’s Main Features For Law Firms

Email templates: Campaigner offers its users over 700 templates to choose from. Additionally, you can upload your own code into their email editor to create your own personalized templates.

Contacts: This software provides users with tools to get their contacts organized, uploaded, and all in one place. Users can upload up to 300 contacts at once.

Email workflows: This feature allows users to send specific, tailored email campaigns to their readership based on triggered events like clicks, email replies, and sign-ups.

Email reporting: Campaigner gives its users the ability to see detailed information about the emails they’re sending, including what devices readers are using to open your emails — mobile, desktop or otherwise — and whether the emails are being marked as spam. (On that note, Campaigner also has tools in their advanced features to help your emails meet CAN-SPAM compliance.) Additionally, Campaigner provides users with the ability to check email reports from mobile devices, as well, meaning that you’ll be able to check the status of your emails while you’re out and about.

Dynamic segmentation: Segmentation allows users to compile lists of users based on likes, dislikes and other characteristics. Being able to do so provides law firms with the ability to offer their email readership targeted and tailored information that meets their specific needs.

Client Data: Campaigner’s API allows users to download and analyze subscriber data such as campaign effectiveness, subscriber contact information, group membership and open/click through rates.

A/B Testing: This feature gives users a chance to experiment with subject lines, content, images and more to determine what appeals most to their audience. Being able to evaluate and customize email campaigns can lead to better audience engagement with your law firm.

Campaigner’s Pricing Structure

Campaigner’s monthly cost is fairly competitive among the email marketing software I’ve reviewed so far. Here’s a breakdown of their basic pricing. Adding their advanced features — tools such as suppression lists and international character support — appears to cost an extra fee, but the cost may or may not be justified depending upon the specific needs of your law firm.

Campaigner Pricing Plan

Advantages for Law Firm Email Marketing

Campaigner gives its users a nice batch of convenient, easy-to-use tools for their email marketing — ones that your law firm will likely benefit from. There are several email marketing automation software companies that don’t offer A/B testing in their basic features, yet, Campaigner does. A/B testing is a good way to make sure that your emails not only reach your intended audience but also appeal to them and help them engage with your content. By testing different variables and getting actual feedback from your readers, you can then tailor your law firm’s emails appropriately.

As I’ve mentioned previously with other email marketing software like GetResponse, MailChimp, Constant Contact and others, Campaigner’s hundreds of templates can be either an advantage or disadvantage depending on your law firm’s wants and needs. As an advantage, having lots of options means that you have more choices when it comes to choosing the look of your emails. If you have the ability to code, Campaigner offers you the ability to design your own email templates, as well.

Where feedback is concerned, being able to access and download information about how your clients are reading emails and what they’re doing with them is another benefit of this software that will likely help firms produce better content that reaches more clients.

Campaigner also offers a month-to-month plan which means law firms aren’t locked into any sort of contract if they should decide to no longer use this email marketing software.

Campaigner’s Potential Drawbacks For Law Offices

The templates: an advantage for some, but a disadvantage for others. Having lots of options can be a drawback if you struggle with decision-making — particularly if you’re faced with too many choices. In this case, you have more than 700. If you’ve got great content but you have a hard time deciding what your emails look like before they go out, hundreds of template choices could be a major distraction in getting messages to your readers.

Additionally, it wasn’t completely obvious from Campaigner’s website which features are offered in which packages. It appeared to me that some of the features that might be useful to law firms — tools like CAN-SPAM compliance and suppression lists — were included in some of the larger volume subscriber packages but potentially not in their basic ones. (I’ve reached out to Campaigner’s sales team looking for an answer on this issue and will update this blog post as soon as I have more information.)

Summary of Campaigner for Law Firms

All in all, Campaigner is a well-priced and well-rounded software with appropriate and useful tools for law firms who want to step up their email marketing strategies and reduce their workload by using marketing automation.

To learn more about other software that your law firm may be interested in using, as well as to keep up with all of our email marketing posts, check out our email marketing for lawyers page.

If you’re interested in a marketing software that we haven’t written about, email us to make a request, and we’ll be happy to review it.

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