Scrollers versus Multi-Page Law Firm Websites

Published: 03.26.2024

Host: Drew Mancini

What’s the difference between a scroller and a multi-page law firm website? Oftentimes, agencies will offer attorneys a “free” website in exchange for buying into their marketing or legal management services. These websites are typically scrollers, which are one-page websites, and they are pretty common on the Internet.

The question then becomes: Does this “free” law firm website perform? Or, are they just a ploy to attract new clients to the agency but, in the end, cost you more resources than anticipated (or budgeted)?

In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Decoded podcast, we explore the pros and cons of single- versus multi-page websites, what they do, and how they perform on search. Then, we identify and discuss two factors that really matter about your law firm website’s role in bringing in new clients and growing your law practice, and how single- versus multi-page websites impact or interact with these two factors.

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