Taking a Strategic Approach to Your Law Firm’s Marketing

by Jan 6, 2022

Too many small law firms struggle with their marketing because they don’t have a strategy or system in place. When things are going well, these firms ignore their business development. When things aren’t going well, they struggle to stay afloat, scrambling to find anything that works.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

By taking a simple, strategic approach to your law firm’s marketing, you can develop a marketing plan that supports your firm’s vision when things are going well, and continues to support you during the lean times.

Here are three things to think about to help you quickly and easily develop a successful marketing strategy for your law practice.

Where are your clients looking for attorneys?

More than ever, potential clients turn to the internet to find attorneys. This behavior has only increased during the pandemic. This means you’ll want to focus your marketing efforts on things you own and control – and the resources that potential clients use for decision making – such as your law firm’s website. To learn more about how potential clients’ web behavior influences their decision making, see our post, “Where Should I Focus My Marketing Efforts?”.

Who are your clients? Where are they located?

Attorneys who succeed with business development have a good understanding of user behavior — they also know who, precisely, they’re targeting. These attorneys take their potential clients’ mindsets into account as they develop their online marketing to directly target these individuals. One of the best places to take a targeted focus is your law firm’s website, where you can tailor the content you create for the potential clients you want to attract.

Sometimes law firms have web page content that’s too general to apply to the needs of their potential clients or to apply to the geographic area where they practice. As a result, that content isn’t likely to be found by — or resonate with — potential clients in that region.

When you know who you’re targeting – and how your specific services can assist those individuals – you’ll create better marketing materials that directly address the needs of the potential clients you want to attract.

What makes your firm unique?

There are lots of attorneys out there – both in the geographic area where you practice, as well as within your practice area. Have you ever considered what makes a potential client choose one firm over another? More than where an attorney went to school or how many years of experience they had, there’s a good chance that potential clients select attorneys based on perceived uniqueness. 

Figure out what makes your firm unique, and work it into the information on your law firm’s website. Pages like your attorney bio, about the firm page, and homepage are good places to start. What special elements do you bring to the table? What do clients say about your work? How do you give them peace of mind or clarity about their problem? 

Improve your law firm’s marketing strategy with LawLytics.

Succeeding with law firm marketing is easy for attorneys who focus on the right things. It starts with a website that supports your firm’s goals and your clients’ needs. LawLytics automatically produces the most effective law firm websites and complies with the latest standards and best practices. 

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