The Ultimate Checklist of SEO Content Solutions for Your Law Firm Website

by Sep 15, 2023

If content is king, then getting noticed on the internet is the crown jewel. Getting noticed means appearing on the first page of a search engine’s results (SERP). To get there, the content of that webpage or website must be optimized for search engines (SEO). 

Content, therefore, serves as a critical component of any SEO strategy. But content, if done correctly, does one more important thing that SEO is not designed to do: convert leads to clients. SEO gets eyes on your service, while content gets fingers on the phone dial. 

In this blog, we provide you with a detailed list of the content solutions you need for your law firm website. We also address how, through these content tools offered only at LawLytics, we help you optimize your website for SERP ranking. 

SEO Content Solution #1: Attorney-Specific Pages

Practicing law is unlike any other type of profession. Likewise, a law firm website is (or should be) unlike any other website, especially if you are using the website to build trust, authority, and credibility for search engines and convert leads to new clients. 

Law firm websites are different in three unique ways:

  1. Law firm websites should focus on seeking clients rather than customers;
  2. Law firm websites must adhere to the rules on ethics and avoid giving advice or using certain language; and 
  3. Whereas typical business owners do not need to profile themselves, lawyers do because it is the essence of what they offer. 

At LawLytics, our CEO, Dan Jaffe, is an attorney who understands why law firm websites must be unique from other websites, which is one reason why he founded LawLytics. In doing so, our platform has attorney-specific pages built directly into it. 

With LawLytics, members have access to webpage templates equipped with modules designed specifically for attorneys, and these include:


About Our Firm

Case Results





Though you might be able to create the above web pages through other companies, our modules are unique, giving attorneys a competitive edge. The modules help lawyers input relevant information for prospective clients so that the latter can get to know you as an attorney and what your law firm represents. This information allows search engines to attach credibility to your law firm brand, increasing opportunities for higher SERP ranking.

Plus, the templates for each attorney-specific page are equipped with technical SEO, widgets, and a tip feature to help members draft each page for client expectations and search engine optimization. 

The ease and flexibility of these pages facilitate rapid publication, which is the ultimate benefit given the race to get online and be seen. In as little as two weeks, we can publish your law firm website in large part thanks to these attorney-specific pages. 

SEO Content Solution #2: The Content Library

In addition to the attorney-specific pages listed above, you also need practice area pages. Potential clients use these pages to find quick answers to common legal questions and confirm that you practice law in the area they need.

These pages serve another important purpose: Website ranking. 

Practice area pages must be optimized to render the desired results. Google and other search engines rank web pages based in large part on content quality, content length, content relevancy, keyword optimization, and mobile friendliness. Search engines rank content higher if the content is trustworthy, authoritative, and credible. Time and money are needed to produce effective SEO content, but solo attorneys and small law firms need their websites ready almost immediately so they can start marketing their law practice.

At LawLytics, we offer a smart content generation tool with these ranking factors specifically incorporated into the content. With this tool, you can solve the problem of limited resources to produce great content. You can either use the content as-is or further customize it beyond the initial requirements. Once you generate a page, it appears in draft form within your LawLytics app for you to revise (if you wish), review, and publish.

SEO Content Solution #3: Social Media

Social media is a convenient and cost-effective way for solo attorneys and small law firms to build their brand, engage and develop relationships with clients, become a thought leader, and acquire new leads. By driving quality traffic to your law firm content, social media influences SEO and indirectly affects SERP rankings. 

Within the LawLytics app, you can easily link your social media accounts. When you publish a new blog, you can publish it immediately or schedule the publication for a date and time of your choosing.  

When used strategically, our social media content feature saves you time, maximizes SEO benefits, and drives traffic to your law firm website. 

SEO Content Solution #4: Customized Options

At LawLytics, we do not stop at our built-in SEO content solutions, but offer many more options for you to customize and develop a fully optimized and successful law firm website. Three of these optional tools include:

  1. Content strategy. LawLytics provides guidance to Members so that they can better improve their online presence via their LawLytics law firm website; 
  2. Blogs.  The platform includes templates complete with technical SEO capabilities, widgets to better engage visitors, and a social media feature that allows you to create, schedule, and publish blogs according to your law firm’s needs or content plan; and
  3. Practice areas. LawLytics provides templates complete with technical SEO capabilities, widgets, tips, and other features so that you can draft website content that is 100% original and unique.

The Bottom Line for Law Firm Websites: SEO Content Remains King

Indeed, content is King, and SEO is its crown. SEO legitimates content as worthy of high ranking, putting you in control of your law firm’s growth. 

However, before you begin building a successful content strategy, it’s helpful to first understand what SEO elements you need to complement your content efforts. The LawLytics SEO Snapshot allows members to identify the SEO content features immediately available to them and to uncover new ways to build on those features through optional tools. 

If you are currently a member of LawLytics and would like to know more about how your website is equipped for search engine optimization, please reach out to support. If you are not yet a LawLytics Member and would like to learn more about our SEO features, schedule a 20-minute interactive demo with a product expert today. 

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