Tips for Writing Law Firm Web Content Using AI

by Jun 6, 2023

There has been a lot of buzz around AI, or Artificial Intelligence, as recent advancements in the software have made it possible to generate large amounts of human-like text in a conversational manner. ChatGPT is currently the most popular AI content generator, but there are also several other softwares available including Google Bard, Jasper.ai, ChatSonic, Elicit, Frase, Copy.ai, and Hyperwrite.

Because AI software is primarily helping users conduct research and write content, attorneys and other business owners alike have begun to take advantage of AI-generated content for their digital marketing and website content. But, with any technology, it’s important to understand how best to embrace the new tech in a way that is most advantageous and safe for your practice.

Read on for common challenges of AI-generated content and tips on using AI for your law firm website content smartly and safely.

What are some challenges with using AI-generated content for my law firm website?

A lot of the time, the hardest part about writing website content is knowing where and how to start. For many, AI has helped those who are stuck before they start by providing inspiration for their writing. This can take shape in multiple different ways for those using AI such as generated writing prompts, topics, listicles, and more.

However, the use of AI-generated content is not without its limitations, and it’s important to be aware of its shortcomings when creating content for your website. Below are a few of the most common challenges attorneys may face when using AI to generate website content.

Accuracy is not guaranteed 

Content that is generated using AI is not guaranteed to have 100% accuracy. This is because their databases tend to be loaded with a broad or even generalized dataset. If you’re looking to generate a written piece that requires very specific or niche legal information, it’s recommended that you check the content for inaccuracies.

Lack of legal standards 

For most attorneys, your law firm website has to adhere to local board regulations. Because AI-generated content is likely not written by a legal expert, it could contain fallacies or put you in violation with your local board.

It could be outdated

AI software generates content for its users using a fixed database that requires nearly constant updates in order to keep up with the most recent information available. In many cases, an AI software is operating off of a database that has been neglected and therefore can’t be relied on for the most up to date information possible.

Concern for duplicated content

Depending on where or how an AI software is scraping its information, a similarly written prompt can yield similar or same content results for a user. This can lead to plagiarism or duplicate content if you’re relying solely on the AI-generation for a written piece.

Tips for incorporating AI-generated content into your law firm website

How can you start using AI-generated content for your website smartly and safely? Like most automated business processes, AI works best when paired with the human touch. Before using any AI-generated content for your law firm website, it’s strongly recommended that it is reviewed by a legal expert. This can greatly reduce the risks that are a result of the challenges in using AI software for your written content. 

In addition, it’s best to consider the ways AI-generated content is beneficial to its users: Research and inspiration. If you’re consistently relying on AI to take you all the way to the finish line, this may cause issues for your website – and your business – in the long run.

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