How to Use Your Law Firm’s Blog to Capitalize on Major Events

by Mar 13, 2020

We like to encourage attorneys to use news stories as catalysts for their law firm’s blog posts. Attorneys can also benefit from the news when significant events dominate the news cycle.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the most important things you need to know about using your law firm’s blog to capitalize on significant events and drive more business to your law firm.

Understand the purpose of your law firm’s blog.

At a basic level, attorneys should understand not only what blog posts can contain, but the purpose that law firm blog posts can serve when written the right way.

Where the evergreen pages on law firm websites usually contain information that remains the same for quite a while, blog posts are often a snapshot of what’s happening at any given time. 

Useful blog posts can capture information about timely events and educate potential clients about the questions they have that pertain to both your practice area(s) and the event in question.

Understand how your potential clients are searching and provide answers with your blog posts.

When you understand how your potential clients are searching, you’ll be able to tie your law firm’s blog posts to current events more effectively.

Early on, there tend to be information voids when significant events become part of the news cycle. People tend to be worried or curious, and they’ll likely turn to search engines to learn more about the topics that interest them.

Simon Rogers, data editor on the News Lab team at Google, was recently quoted as saying that most of the Google searches that people are conducting are related to a clear desire for useful information.

“People are not panic searching,” Rogers said. “People are looking for reliable info like, ‘How long should I wash my hands?'”

Here’s an example of how an attorney in a particular practice area might capitalize on the current COVID-19 situation to provide their potential clients with valuable information: 

An estate planning attorney in a geographic location with a large immigrant population might choose to create content around the importance of having a will or trust before traveling overseas to places where the novel Coronavirus has taken a foothold. 

Estate planning attorneys might want to create content around the peace of mind that clients experience when they have their estate planning affairs in order, especially during times that feel quite uncertain. 

Developing blog content around recommended guidelines for staying safe and limiting virus transmission can be useful for potential clients, too.

Attorneys can provide a service by filling these information voids with their analysis and expertise, which is likely to attract potential clients who are conducting relevant and related searches. 

Think about the connection between the major news event and how it relates to a potential client’s choice to hire you.

One of the best ways to get the maximum benefit from blog posts during a major news event is to draw a connection between that event and your law firm.

For example, the recent roller-coaster economic situation in the US might cause some potential clients to try and save their money and look for inexpensive representation alternatives.

As a result, criminal defense attorneys could focus their content on the importance of hiring quality representation instead of choosing a public defender, for example. An attorney might create a blog series about how different jobs are affected by criminal convictions and seek to educate potential clients about why choosing a high-quality defense attorney is essential for their future.

The angle of the story might be different depending on your practice area. 

For example, the public allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein marked what many see as a watershed moment for victims of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace. The following #metoo social media movement sought to illustrate how pervasive this issue is, affecting women in all industries.

This week, Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison after being found guilty of two of five counts at trial.

This could be a critical opportunity for plaintiffs’ lawyers to create engaging, well-timed content. For example, an employment attorney might choose to analyze what Weinstein’s conviction and sentence could mean for the #metoo movement and victims of sexual assault in the future.

A criminal defense attorney might choose to give his/her take on Weinstein’s sentencing or write about why his sentence is (or isn’t) commensurate with sentences that have been handed down to non-famous individuals who have been accused of similar crimes. This attorney may choose to compare and contrast other cases, as well.

The same story can take on a variety of different angles depending upon your practice area. However, be sure to keep your audience in mind as you write. If you recap a news story, be sure to put your analysis behind it so that any potential client who reads your post understands your take on the issue and sees that your opinions are in alignment with the kind of assistance that they’re looking for.

Learn more about how to use your law firm’s blog effectively

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