Using Images & Video with LawLytics

by Jan 20, 2019

Adding multimedia to your law firm’s website can enhance your potential clients’ experience. Here’s how to use LawLytics to add images and videos to your website.

Using Images & Videos on Your LawLytics Website

Navigate to the “Images and Videos” tab under “Libraries” in the main navigation of your LawLytics Control Panel.

Select “New” to add a new image or video, or choose from images or videos that you’ve previously added to your media library on the left.

If you’re adding a new image or video, you can drag and drop the files into LawLytics, or click the green “Browse files” button to choose a file from your computer.

Select the image (or video) from your media library.

If you’d like to crop an image prior to use, select the “Crop Image” button and apply the necessary changes. When you’re finished, click “Apply Crop” to save your changes. 

You can crop the original photo, which will apply the newly cropped photo everywhere it’s used, or you can save the crop as a copy.

When you’re ready to use your image on a website page, navigate to the page (or create a new page) where you’d like to feature the image/video. Select the area on the page where you’d like to feature your image/video. Click the “Image” (or “Video”) button on the page toolbar, and select the appropriate image or video from your media library.

With each image that you use, you’ll be given options to scale, position, and caption your photo. You can also add a link to your images. (The LawLytics media library allows you to resize and position your videos, too.)

When you’ve published your practice area page or blog post, you’ll see the image(s)/video(s) you’ve chosen. To go back and make changes to images or videos in a published page or post, simply click “Edit” from the site owner toolbar and hover over the image or video. You’ll be given options to “Edit” or “Delete” your multimedia.

Tips for Using Images & Videos on Law Firm Websites

When they’re used correctly, images and videos can enhance your potential clients’ experience on your law firm’s website. Here are a few suggestions to help your potential clients get the most out of your website content:

  1. Use images and videos that enhance your written content. Don’t use an image or video just for the sake of using one. Make sure that your multimedia enhances your written content by choosing relevant images or videos. If you’re using stock imagery, avoid silly or overly literal images, as they can send the wrong message to your potential clients.
  2. Choose images and videos that are the appropriate size for a page. Images or videos that are too large or too small can be distracting or confusing to website visitors. Make sure that the images or videos you choose are a comfortable size that doesn’t distract from any written content on the page.
  3. Make sure you’re using high-quality images and videos. A poor-quality image or video, even when it’s appropriate for a page, will detract from your potential clients’ experience on your site.

If you’re a LawLytics member and you have questions about adding images or video to your LawLytics-powered site, call us or send us a support ticket. If you’re not yet a member and you’d like to learn more about how LawLytics can enhance your web presence, schedule an intro call.

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