Using Your Social Media with LawLytics

by Jan 13, 2019

LawLytics makes it easy to connect your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts to your LawLytics website(s).

You can use this built-in feature to publish new content to your social media networks from the convenience of the LawLytics Control Panel.

How to connect and use your social media with LawLytics

Connecting and using your social media accounts with LawLytics is simple. Navigate to the drop-down menu at the top-right of the LawLytics Control Panel and select “My Social Media Accounts.”

You’ll be taken to the main social media accounts page. From here, you can select which social media accounts you’d like to connect to your LawLytics site.

When your social media account is linked to your LawLytics site, you’ll see the green “Connected” indicator on the far right.

If you have more than one LawLytics site, you can select which site(s) you’d like to connect your social media accounts to. When you’re finished connecting your account, click the green “Save Account” button.

When your social media accounts are connected, you’ll be able to use them to announce new blog posts. After you’ve written a post (but before you publish), navigate to the “Announce to Social Media” drop-down box. Select any or all of the social media accounts that you’d like to use, as well as any text that you’d like to accompany the post.

When you’re finished, publish your post. The post will appear on the social media accounts that you’ve selected.

To learn more about using social media in your online marketing strategy, see our blog post, “How Attorneys Can Get Better Results from Their Social Media Efforts.



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