Using Video to Level-Up Your Client Experience

by Mar 3, 2023

Most solos and small law firms are looking for ways to maximize their impact on clients while also optimizing their office workflows. While there are several solutions, hacks, and helpful tools, the use of video can be the most valuable asset to help you achieve this objective.

People are favoring video for a variety of online interactions due to its tendency to be engaging, expressive, and informative. Read on for a few inventive ways you can implement video into your practice to streamline office operations, improve client communications, and foster meaningful client interactions that leave lasting, positive impressions. 

Video for office operations

One major benefit of using video for office operations is the ability to quickly and efficiently train new employees. Video can be very effective for increasing the viewer’s engagement in the material as well as increasing their retention. In addition, one video can be used an unlimited number of times and can be accessed at any time for re-training. Overall, this impact on the trainee’s engagement, retention, and ability to self-train all contributes to the increased productivity of your office. 

If you’re interested in creating training videos for your office, below are some examples of workflows that could be recorded:

  1. Capturing a new lead via phone
  2. Running a conflicts check 
  3. Conducting a new client intake 
  4. Closing a file
  5. Prepping the meeting space for client meetings, intakes, or depositions
  6. Requesting a testimonial from a closed client

Video for improved client communications

Many law offices have routine processes that don’t tend to differ greatly from client to client, making these ideal for a video opportunity. By creating a video that can walk a client through a certain process they should expect to experience while working with you, you can help to build a relationship with that client more quickly. Not only are you avoiding overwhelming them reading material, you are providing a personal touch to their process. 

For example, a detailed and optimistic “What happens next?” video to guide a new client through the typical legal process can help you set expectations early on. This video doesn’t need to be flashy or highly-produced. Instead, it can be you and the camera talking the client through the upcoming process just as you would in person. By outlining what they can expect moving forward, you can help to ease their anxieties and gain their confidence. 

Video for more meaningful interactions with leads

For attorneys looking to foster meaningful connections with potential clients through their website, the use of video can be a great strategy. One common way to approach this is the creation of client testimonial videos. In these videos, a satisfied client typically outlines the nature of their case, the obstacles they were facing, and their outcome. Although written client testimonials are equally valuable in your digital marketing, a video testimonial can level-up the impact. By hearing the words from the happy client themselves, your potential clients have an easier time centering themselves in the narrative. As a result, they will have a better understanding of what your firm can do for them, and it can influence them to reach out and hire your firm.

Similar to your client communications videos, testimonial videos don’t need to be overly produced in order to be effective. In most cases, attorneys can record high-quality videos with their clients simply with a camera and good lighting. Or, you can even try using Zoom to conduct your client interviews, using the recorded material for use on your website.

Another way you could connect with your clients is by incorporating video on your practice area pages. Creating videos that help explain complex legal topics in an approachable way can make a huge impact on the viewer’s confidence in your authority and expertise. 

Although there are both pros and cons to adding video to your law firm website, attorneys who use video can maximize their impact when communicating with clients and potential clients on their website. Because there is a growing trend of popularity in the use of video for attorneys across practice areas, this could be a marketing tool that is worth exploring for your practice.

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