Your Potential Clients Don’t Lie to Google (And That’s a Good Thing for Your Practice)

by Apr 5, 2021

After more than a decade in digital marketing, I’ve noticed one thing remains constant: people don’t lie to Google when they need or want something.

That isn’t true in most other instances. Ask someone directly what they want, and you’ll likely get something other than the whole truth. People say what they think they’re supposed to say.

But when they have the perceived anonymity of that search bar, the insecurities drift away. People ask Google exactly what they want to know all the time. And that’s a good thing for your practice.

You know the questions your ideal clients have in their minds. Once they like and trust you, they ask you those questions all the time. Imagine how many potential clients are out there with that same question, but don’t have the level of trust to ask it outright (other than to old reliable Google).

That’s your sweet spot.

Your website should focus on these two things:

  1. Addressing the questions your potential clients likely have about their legal matter.
  2. Explaining what the legal process regarding their matter will entail.

If your website does both, you’ll have a big competitive advantage online.


Because very few law firm websites do this.

Most lawyers still think their website should shout what it is they do. How many firm’s websites have you seen that scream:


Not very helpful, is it?

Your potential clients don’t think so, either.

The LawLytics platform was built specifically to help solos and small law firm attorneys effectively and cost-efficiently market their practice online using the blueprint I outlined above: building out the content on your site to address the questions that your ideal clients tell Google they want answers to.

You may be wondering, “Can’t I do this with my current website?” Of course you can.

But LawLytics allows you to do it more efficiently and with a better ROI.

If you’re already a LawLytics member, reach out to our support team at any time to discuss how to build out content that helps you attract and convert your ideal clients.

If you aren’t yet a LawLytics member, I’d recommend getting started with our quick online price calculator to see what building a website (or moving your current website over to the platform) would cost your firm.

Or if you’d like to see the LawLytics platform in action, we’d be happy to give you a quick online demo.

About the Author

Dylan Hendricks runs the marketing and sales efforts at LawLytics and has more than a decade of digital marketing experience. If you’d like to share your thoughts on this blog post, email Dylan at [email protected].

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